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User Info: DerGeneral1000

1 month ago#1
How i get QQ BAng 6 please help me. I need the enw Caspule and demon Crystals. Can I get this s*** offlinr.I nfidn no player tehy farm with me 5 hiours the caspule.

User Info: NeO_SuperCrate

1 month ago#2
Put down the alcohol and try again.

User Info: DerGeneral1000

1 month ago#3
No help

User Info: SergeHimself

1 month ago#4
Shao Kahn said it best.

We're here. It's now. We live forever.
Hardcore love of the Never Dead.
(message deleted)

User Info: Iamcorn

1 month ago#6
No you cannot get the capsules needed to make R6 QQ's offline.

You have to talk to this guy and hope you can organize people to help you get them. He is just to the left of where you start.


They should give Gyarados Dragon Ascent!

User Info: DerGeneral1000

1 month ago#7
It's been dealt with. I Find ther in expert Mission a lots of groups.
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