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  3. Most annoying thing in Xenoverse

User Info: Kayako_Saeki

1 month ago#1
Using an ultra and a cutscene starts..
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User Info: Celestial-Fox

1 month ago#2
Using a tag ult with people who spam EDB, Coolernova, RDB, BBK, Roar or don't get the f***in hint that you're trying to train a skill.

Or playing with those people in general in general plus target the person you're fighting to steal hits or the KO so it just becomes unfun to play at all.
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User Info: xSHEPERDx

1 month ago#3
Or the AI becomes invulnerable before the cutscene starts, like Gogeta and Vegito in 'barrier. T_T

Let alone they may both trigger cutscenes close to the same time if DPS is on point.

User Info: Connor4576

1 month ago#4
Other people in general...
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User Info: Abstract_Liam

1 month ago#5
The obvious lack of SSG, CaC versions of cast-only moves like Godly Display, and the lack of care put into Namekians’ and Earthlings’ awakenings.

User Info: Iamcorn

1 month ago#6
Limit Burst

User Info: Bryan_Skull

1 month ago#7
Turning Gold and not having your bio armor match.

@Celestial-Fox you seen my Frieza Race green. Now picture that with golden form.
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User Info: Choppa675

1 month ago#8
I could go on for a very long time, but I'll keep it short so I'll only pick a few.

Some a****** grabs the tail of a GA.

Some a****** spams Gigantic Roar in a raid.

Wigs aren't actual hairstyles.

Step Vanish spammers...

Smile Charge is still exclusive to only 17. Give it to me already Dimps/Bamco!

Someone is wearing the SS Goku or SSB Vegeta wigs. CaCs like that just annoy me, that's all there's to it.

You can't color the clothes of mentors for yourself, even though you can color them in the mentor customization screen.

Not every piece of clothing can be given custom colors.

When you start a new character, you need to unlock everything again. One of the few things XV1 did right.

I think that will do... and that's just the short version. Even if some of them are just me nitpicking, it still annoys me.
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User Info: Venage27

1 month ago#9
Bulma telling me about the Hero Coliseum for the 100th time in one day.
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User Info: StikmanCasket

1 month ago#10
Constant separate cutscenes for characters getting off the floor, transforming, or flying away and ESPECIALLY a cutscene for a portal opening. Completely grinds the game to a halt in some quests, and dimps needs to find a solution that doesn’t take control away from players, especially when the timer keeps going! Amateur hour.
Also how the game will just kick you out of the quest screen in offline quests. Makes farming slower than it should be.
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