Terrible Lag This Morning?

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User Info: Lintfosho

1 year ago#1
I experienced the sever downage yesterday, so gave up for the day. I got up this morning and tried it again. Server browser gave me full green bars on all three servers I tried, but when in game it was mostly unplayable. Im talking the worst lag I have seen in years. I dont think it is me because after getting off-line with X-1, I got on PC and tested my connection (speedtest.net) and I was fine. Anyone else having lag issues this morning? Whats going on?
XBox One: Lint1987

User Info: forthecubbies83

1 year ago#2
I'll check it out when I get back on, but I was able to get online and play a match early this morning when the servers came back, and it was pretty much unplayable then. I'm assuming it'll be the same way for me.

Just another Battlefield launch. :/
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