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  3. Is it worth the extra $20 to play a couple days early?

User Info: Lintfosho

2 years ago#1
I realize this is totally subjective, but what is your opinion? I would love to get a couple days jump on the majority of people but the other extras you get for your $20 are just cosmetic arn't they? It's only $20 but hell, money is money.
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User Info: GTAcrazy

2 years ago#2
Not for me.
I don't believe in this play early bull crap they came up with and refuse to fund it.
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User Info: masterspy007

2 years ago#3
I sprung for the xtra 20 quid to play this early and to me it was worth it. It's up to you though as to whether you feel it will be worth it. I think it depends on how much time you plan to dedicate to the game during the extra days available. If you are going to put in a 10 hour power session, then I'd say it's worth it. If you are only going to play for a few hours, then no.
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User Info: Lintfosho

2 years ago#4
Thanks for the opinions guys! It helps.
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User Info: Sneaky Assassin

Sneaky Assassin
2 years ago#5
Yeah it was worth it to start playing yesterday but paying for it to start today I'm not sure.

The 5 extra battlepacks were worth it, as they random now rather than rank bonus

User Info: CupOPwnSauce

2 years ago#6
Nope. If anything just sign up for EA access for 5 bucks and get your 10 hours in. I'd say worth it, if you picked it up at the time of release on Monday.
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User Info: Agnostic420

2 years ago#7
Thankfully I drink 2 of the big ass monsters to survive a day at work so Ill get get some that way.

I however am mad at myself for throwing former cans away before I decided to get the game.
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User Info: zcicecold

2 years ago#8
It's not early. For years, new games dropped on Tuesdays. In reality, they just charged a bunch of people $80 for a game. They're just testing the waters on a price increase.

Would it be worth $20 to rent a game for 3 days? That's the question, and I'd hope most people would say no.

User Info: Darkside_Shadow

2 years ago#9
Yes think of the waves of noobs on friday

User Info: fftstudent

2 years ago#10
If you were to ask someone who fishes or hunts the same question. Then yes, they would gladly fork over $20 bucks to do something earlier that they enjoy.

I acknowledge that it is a dirty, underhanded tactic preying on people's impatience. But, money comes and goes.

It's $20, pull it out of your savings or skip eating out or something else to make up for it.
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  3. Is it worth the extra $20 to play a couple days early?
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