Surprised by the mass hating

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User Info: SergioMach5

1 year ago#1
Just to be clear, I hated the last 2 IW games,and Ghosts was a proper example of a game that needed an extra year in the oven, and I got why people disliked those games so much. Those games had an ageing engine, especially when compared to other shooters, got undeserved accolades that seem very silly in hindsight (MW3 really got best story and shooter in some circles?)

But I am genuinely surprised at just how much hate Infinite Warfare is getting. I get that there is fatigue for CoD in general and futuristic shooters in particular, but even then it seems to get an abnormal level of hatred. Its not the 'same game as always' since that's what one of Ghosts major issues was, and there looks like a lot of new ideas and action that can be mined from the space setting.

Yes, its annoying to me as a fan of the 'earlier' games that we aren't getting a Modern Warfare remastered trilogy with the issues ironed out, or a WW2/Vietnam/80's game, but for what it is, it doesn't look like a bad game. Clearly, IW is the devs response to the criticism of making the same muddy brown boring modern shooter campaign with a 'Murica story, so I want to see it do halfway decent in the campaign department.

I also feel that had this been swapped with Advanced Warfare, that this would be getting a stronger response and AW would get flak for being the same as always. Not to say AW is a masterpiece either, but it did have a better campaign than expected and fans did appreciate the direction at least initially, before we realised it wasn't going to replace the conventional multiplayer experience. Its just a shame we have gotten over future shooters in such a short space of time and want a new coat of paint on established ideas.

TLDR; May not be a masterpiece, but can't be worse than Ghosts
E3, finally delivering something for the new consoles.

User Info: Vindris_SNH

1 year ago#2
Treyarch fanboys just like to come here and bash IW. That's all it is.
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User Info: shedue

1 year ago#4
I've talked to a lot of people about it, they think that multiplayer takes place all in space, either flying ships or floating around with jet packs. They have all sounded more interested in it when I told them it was BoG multiplayer, maybe a kill streak for the space ships.
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User Info: brainbell25

1 year ago#5
I myself am waiting to give my verdict on this game until I see some sort of multi-player trailer. I'm still holding out hop that the multi-player aspect of this game is "boots to the ground" and not boost jumping, boost dodging or wall running. They could very easily have some maps in space that take place inside a space station or inside a big spaceship; something that would not require the use of a jet pack or something to that effect. If the multi-player aspect of this game is anything like AW or BO3, I will be in the same boat as the many other people and will very likely despise this game. Probably not to the point where I won't buy it because the MW re-master would be worth it to me.
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