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User Info: SergioMach5

2 years ago#1
First off, I am optimistic about this game because I have been waiting a bit for a Halo Reach style defend from alien invaders plot for half a decade now. And its been three years to develop instead of two as well.

But I have real concerns for the campaign mode. A superior enemy destroying us with a surprise attack and then having us fight back sounds like a large scale version of Ghosts all over again, and the Euro-centric plot so far meshes in MW3 as well.

Now that's obviously superficial since now its a global conflict and not just the murica' vs south america issue I had problems with last time. The bigger issue I have is that I really want a more fleshed out reason as to why the events are happening and who the enemies are. Ghosts had an oscar winning screenwriter on board but the story came off as crap because you never got a sense as to why the 'Federation' formed, why they attacked the US space station (seriously, what was with that?) and then just went ahead on US real estate.

So for this game, I want a proper reason why the Settlement Defense Front is attacking Switzerland, why they are now invading in full force, why we need to do certain objectives in missions (frame the action better) and flesh out the scenario to its full potential instead of leaving the good stuff for the sequel. Hell, maybe you could make a plot twist that the Swiss destruction was a mistake on Earths part and made it an excuse to go fight the Defense Front, so we can get the biting Starship Troopers commentary.
E3, finally delivering something for the new consoles.

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