Stuck in restart loop

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User Info: z_ShadowMan_z

1 year ago#1
I was playing zombies and when finished add solo match, got message about new playlist and needing to restart. Now I'm in loop that keeps saying have to restart. Happens when select mp or zombies. Anyone else having this issue?
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User Info: AffinityArcher

1 year ago#2
Hard reboot or keep trying to progress past it? That loop happens to me sometimes and I just spam x until it lets me in
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User Info: Machine1136

1 year ago#3
I had similar the other day for MP. Closed the app fully and restarted it and it was okay.
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User Info: z_ShadowMan_z

1 year ago#4
I tried rebooting PS4 and restarting game several times and that didn't help. I had a friend get online and he had the same problem. But he said he had an MWR update fail. So after he cancelled it, he was able to get in. Mine had occurred while I was playing (luckily I was solo) so it wasn't the issue. What actually ended up working was starting MWR, selecting MP (it downloaded one of the small updates) and it restarted. After, I went back to IW and it was ok. That is garbage that they put on an update that can't get past main menu.
PSN: z_ShadowMan_z

User Info: makoshark222

1 year ago#5
Try deleting everything and reinstalling and see if that fixes it.
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