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User Info: kapnquasar

1 year ago#11
mastermix3000 posted...
kapnquasar posted...
Interesting! I got into save editing for the first Borderlands (note: I never played it onlline either) just to see how insane my gun builds could be - in Single player, after legitimate completion...(though I sought hints) -but It IS tempting to see what that speed would be like on some of the faster tracks... I love speed...but having my bogus times go on the leaderboards is not something I'd really want to contribute to.

Maybe after they close the servers...

I agree, borderlands was definitely WAY more fun after editing

And yea, cheating to make global times really makes it pointless to try and beat them now. Kinda sad but that’s why these programs often get a bad rep

Yes, back in the day, a lot of games really demanded their pound of flesh: I'm talking back when there was no Online Multiplayer. If you had fought the good fight and still came up short, you could break out the gameshark or whatever, and at least enjoy the unlocks you paid money for, though your skill was lacking... you weren't hurting anyone else. You HAD done your best... No one need know... But- you were not supposed to lie about how you unlocked the Bishamon Sword! (and there was NOTHING like the feeling of wielding it legit! Everyone knows it. I'll have that forever!...) so...you still paid your piper...knowing you cheated.

Now, Online has really changed the paradigm: cheating that puts others at a severe disadvantage is kinda (really) reprehensible - though it be a game. And, what if everyone did it? Advantage suddenly Gone! So this game has a retro flavor and is Single Player, and it is no big deal to me about world times; (I still win the races, super mediocrely) but yeah, the program gets a bad name because some people will do what ever they can get away with... It's like it's not OK to suck honestly anymore, but... I digress. I never even played Top Gear!

I'm really glad this was a PS+ freebie, Now that I have the Platinum, I just need to get that catchy music out of my head... It was quite a ride!
Something has changed. The world feels strange now. Even the way the clouds move isn't right. -Matsuko Ito
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User Info: Ulfrauga

1 year ago#13
I dunno about cheating, but some of the world leaderboard times are messed up. No idea how they've done it, maybe they do cheat or something, but people are crazy good at games these days.

I just finished the world tour with super trophies, that was fun, additctive and at times controller-shakingly-frustrating (the other cars are always in the goddamn way!!!) Stylistically reminded me of the sorts of racing games we had when I was a kid.

So I went back to the start to see how much better I could do the first few races, and quite a lot better as it turned out. But no candle to even the current lowest on the world board for Grass Hills - which is 1:01 something, with 00:59 the fastest. Best I can do is like 1:07; and worse than that I think when I use the same Batman car as what those top 50 odd seem to be using. I can't turn it fast enough, other cars get in the way too much.

Better off if I didn't try to join that list, waste of bloody time.
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