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User Info: Nuz

1 month ago#1
Hey guys,

Loving this game so far, but in act 2 I see a red/orange orb in the sky. I may have missed it, but what is that?
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User Info: chang3ling

1 month ago#2
Erdwin's Lantern. Events around Gallopolis and in Act 3 will explain.
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User Info: meznu

1 month ago#3
In general, I’d suggest not worrying when you’re surprised by something. A couple of times my curiosity led me to spoilers I regret. Just play, and if you come across something new, talk to lots of NPCs in the area, do Party Chat, and keep it in mind as you go. Eventually the game will address it. There are lots of fun surprises. Enjoy it!

User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 month ago#4
uh, don’t worry too much about it just yet.


remember that red star that was ever present in the sky? It’s that, but you see now it’s not really a star, but something else.

Which you’ll learn more of later.
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