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User Info: fatih361

3 weeks ago#1
I m a big RPG fan and grew up with both dragon quest and pokemon, not sure which one i should get, any suggestions?

User Info: wingblade98

3 weeks ago#2
This is one of the best games on the Switch. Sword and Shield are mediocre at best. Even the Pokemon board agrees that this game is better.

User Info: chang3ling

3 weeks ago#3
Pokemon is a garbage series, so I would suggest this.
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User Info: Riony1

3 weeks ago#4
I’m enjoying both games but this is the first Dragon Quest game I’ve ever played, and I absolutely understand why it has such a huge following now. It’s extraordinarily charming and tells a good story with a pretty remarkable and memorable cast, each with their own compelling and fleshed out arcs.

The gameplay and mechanics are also well done with plenty quality-of-life features, and really can be quite addicting. If you’re looking for a good RPG universe to get lost in, I’d strongly recommend this over Pokemon.

Pokemon is also fun, but it’s nothing other than more of the same, and the story in this one really isn’t anything captivating or engaging at all, in my opinion. It’s just another journey to “be the best!”.
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User Info: Dunedainsith

3 weeks ago#5
I would say Dragon Quest would give you more playability. I mean, Im at 150 hours plus and im not done yet with all the side quests. Ive played Let's Go Eevee and....once I beat the Elite Four I quit playing. Pokemon games are just boring anymore. Too many sequels of a game from the 90s and you get predictability and boringness. People have spiced it up with nuzlocke attempts though..How many games of Pokemon do they have now? And they release two versions each time. Catch Pokemon, battle your rival sometimes, battle trainers, battle gym leaders, fight the "Team Rocket" of the game, foil their plans, get to the Elite Four, suddenly find a legendary Pokemon, the end. All the same. Just different Pokemon and different characters.

Dragon Quest I think trumps Pokemon anyday. It is just more detailed and not as predictable and it is way longer.
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User Info: TheSlapcat

3 weeks ago#6
This. No questions or doubts about it.
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User Info: fatih361

3 weeks ago#7
Did someone of you guys completed pokemon sword/shield? What is your impression?

User Info: hman1313

3 weeks ago#8
this game is incredible. good script, dialogue, acting and story to go with fun combat, exploration. some strategy. fun crafting mini game, etc.
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User Info: gamerprince1999

3 weeks ago#9
Haven't completed Sw/Sh or even played it but I think its easy to tell that this is the better game. Especially if you already like Dragon Quest (as you said yourself that you grew up with both DQ and PKMN).

User Info: JesseH21

3 weeks ago#10
Unless they radically overhaul the Pokemon battle system it's pretty much "same thing, new look" I mean they are what, 8th or 9th generation now, and still limiting each Pokemon to 4 moves, and you can't even have an attack that doesn't have pp?

At least DQ has large amounts of customization when it comes to skills and methods of attacking.
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