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  3. Suddenly having a hard time with bosses? Is this normal?

User Info: forceboy

3 weeks ago#1
I'm currently on Act 2, first time playing through this amazing game. I've been having a normal run so far, normal battles are easy and not a problem. Bosses are okay, sometimes easy but for the most part they are not a challenge.

That's until I fought Gyldygga, Auroral Serpent and now I'm at Mt. Huji fighting Tatsunaga, and I keep on dying at least once on these bosses! These bosses do a lot of damage and is attacking 3-4x per turn which I find unfair.

Am I doing something wrong? Party is at late 40s - 50 at the moment. Have been building stuff at the Forge fairly consistently to update my gear. Is the sudden difficulty spike normal or am I just missing something?
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User Info: wingblade98

3 weeks ago#2
That seems pretty normal. They are very strong (especially Auroral serpent)

User Info: JesseH21

3 weeks ago#3
Some bosses have huge difficulty spikes compared to the previous bosses

User Info: McMarbles

3 weeks ago#4
I actually didn’t have too much of a problem with Gyldygga, Sap + Oomphle + Unbridled Blade/Parallax and you’re chopping off like a quarter of their health every round. With the Peerless Parade costume on Sylvando, Hustle Dance is so strong that I can keep the party’s health up ridiculously easily.
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User Info: TriforceBun

3 weeks ago#5
Dying once on a few bosses seems like a pretty normal JRPG occurrence to me. Don't let it get you down and take advantage of the bank system (or just load from Autosave if you can live with the guilt)!

When I lose to bosses, it's time to regroup. Consider their attacks (especially status altering ones) and adjust accessories and lineup as needed. And your forge! Don't forget to forge stuff because a +3 piece of equipment is often significantly stronger than the vanilla version. And in some extreme cases, adjust the Character Builder by respec-ing at a priest. There are definitely some roadblock bosses that will give you a hard time, but it's all part of playing the game.
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User Info: chang3ling

3 weeks ago#6
Do you have Stronger Monsters on?

But as said above, these bosses in particular are a huge difficulty spike. Auroral Serpent and Tatsunaga both gave me fits my first time through. There are things you can do to better prepare yourself though, like find accessories/gear that help protect against their status effects or making sure you're using your whole toolkit (Buff, Oomph, Dazzle, Fizzle, Sap, etc).
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User Info: Dunedainsith

3 weeks ago#7
I had trouble with Gyldygga,....alot of trouble. I used the metal slimes to farm exp. Tatsunaga was easier for me especially with Serena's Hymn of Fire. Use Eight's Magic Barrier and party buffs.

i dont mean to be a broken record, but Erik is amazing when you do Cobra Strike+Divide+(Oomphle+)Victimizer.
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User Info: Havic101

3 weeks ago#8
Tatsunaga actually gave me more trouble here than he did when I played on PS4. For some reason. Pretty sure he's exactly the same between them. Lost twice somehow. I was shocked.

But then I came back into the battle with Knight Watch ready to be used, alongside the Brownie Boost I had been using. And the party got pepped up for another Knight Watch during the battle. Tatsunaga spent half that fight swinging at a literally invincible tank while everyone smacked him around at full power.

Auroral Serpent was one of the hardest bosses for me on my very first playthrough, because it didn't register that it was beating me by spamming paralysis. Later playthoughs I always come with Pappillon Masks that 100% resist that. And I spam Blunt so it can't do enough damage even with that defense ignoring belly flop move that no-sells Kabuff. Turns out the guy has no resistance at all to Sap and Blunt, so they almost always work.

Gylddygga never really seemed like a challenge to me. Even on my 1st run, my immediate reaction to her high defense was to stick Sap on her. She's all physical attacks and Kabuff mitigates all of her moves. Re-apply buffs when she hits someone with Rake 'n Break, and Rab doing the same move, or having someone use the Wyrm Whip attack, gets rid of her Oomphle and instant Pep Up before she can make use of those. Her mobs go down quick to AOE moves, or just putting them to sleep and ignoring them so she doesn't call more. Go on the defensive when she turns people to gold and wait for it to wear off. I thought it was funny to start casting Kaclang when that happened, but I don't do that now.
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User Info: Then00bAvenger

3 weeks ago#9
Auroral Serpent isn't just not resistant to Sap and Blunt, he's actually weak to them. It will work 100% of the time so as long as you remember to refresh it before it runs out he's kind of helpless even on Stronger Monsters. Thanks to that weakness Scrap Mettle also works to reduce his defense like 75% of the time so Rab doesn't have to do double duty either.

His status resistance in general is pretty poor for a boss so there's a lot of ways to debilitate him.
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User Info: The_Bones

3 weeks ago#10
They are some of the tougher bosses. Auroral serpent can be easily mitigated with the papillion masks which give 100% paralysis resistance which is his biggest threat. From there you can buff yourself up to reduce the rest of his damage.
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  3. Suddenly having a hard time with bosses? Is this normal?
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