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  3. who are your current strongest hitters? (SPOILERS)

User Info: Teremei

5 days ago#1
Character name spoilers ok. And what part of the game are you on?

Early act 2, and end of act 1.

Hero - 2H Sword with his unbridled blade does ~400hp damage
Erik - with 2 falcon swords does ~ 100, 90, 80, 60
and I guess Jade when I got her 4x spear hit attack in her section of the first part of act 2 was pretty good.

I'm really gonna miss Erik's 4x hits when I have to eventually replace 2x falcon blades. And BTW, WHEN do you think something will be an upgrade for Erik? Seems like it will be awhile. I created this topic to find out what other character/weapon/skill combo might be super hard hitters later in the game. In other words, what I have to look forward to! I have a feeling Hendrick will be a hard hitter.
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User Info: Ozzy_98

5 days ago#2
Basic smacking stuff, Hero was in my second save file, not sure in the first. I gave the hero every STR seed I could find on a 6x playthrough.

Magic Burst was the most overall damage. It's what I needed for the end boss. (Which, without armor, and not using the sword on him, is pretty much playing "Let's see how cheap I can be and if I'll survive") She was doing in the 8ks I think, sylv was using ladies first, and the other 2 kept everyone pep'ed or ethered.
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User Info: HoIlywood

5 days ago#3
Jade thanks to Multithrust....I’m like probably 70% through Act 1 I think, Honolulu

User Info: DuranmanX4

5 days ago#4
Multi hitting moves are almost always stronger than moves that just hit once or twice

This is doubly true when you are oomphed and the enemy is sapped
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User Info: ecylis

5 days ago#5
Near the end of act 1, Jade. Oomphle + sap + multithrust deals 500+ damage per turn.
It takes a few turns to set up, but Erik with Divide, Oomphle, and using one of the knife skills that deal extra damage when the enemy has a status ailment (and ideally also being Sapped) deals ludicrous damage.
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User Info: Magus80

5 days ago#7
I'm in postgame.

Erik 6.5k with swords
Veronica 3.5k Magic Burst
Eight 1.5k Unbridled Blade with Brilliant Blade
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User Info: Nabiki_Tendo

5 days ago#8
since my hero use sword and shield curently jhe is not heaviest hitter on other hand the 8th party member is to me with great sword doing around 300 + damge every so often
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User Info: ZodiacSoldier

5 days ago#9
Near the middle of Act 2.

Hero - 2 Handed Swords
Jade - Spear, upgraded from Multithrust to Multifeet
Erik - Fatal Flash (will be my top if I Divide for boss fights)
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User Info: toadieman

5 days ago#10
Playing: Dragon Quest XI S
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  3. who are your current strongest hitters? (SPOILERS)
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