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  2. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition
  3. Which Dragon Quest games do you prefer: The even ones or the odd ones?

User Info: bidas100

4 days ago#11
Adding the Builders games would have helped evens.
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I've played 4, 5, 6 and 9 all the way through, a lil bit of 7 and 8 though only for a few hours. I've gotta say DQ 5 is in my top three games ever, I've played it like 20 times no joke. 9 was really good too, I've devoted 500 hours to it, it can be tedious and boring once you clear the story and I really wish it had a second save slot, but still it was solid. 4 and 6 were neat too and so were 7 and 8, but I prefer 7 from what I have experienced from them. Overall 5, 7 and 9 beat 4, 6 and 8, so odd wins, though 5 is the main reason why. Take away 5 from the equation... I'd be quite tempted to go even then, I really like 6... But still 5's the best and 9's strong and so's the opening hours of 7 so odd gets my vote.
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User Info: Expa0

4 days ago#13
Even, solely because of DQ4 which I found heaps better than anything else in the series until 11 which finally gave it some competition.
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User Info: aliaaki

4 days ago#14
Didn't know this was the star trek movies board.
About an even split for me although there are a couple I haven't played yet.
DuranmanX4 posted...
I figured that would be balanced by the fact that unfortunately, not many people have a high opinion of Dragon Quest I in 2019

To be honest it's not really any lower than the opinion of 2
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User Info: Tiael

4 days ago#16
Odd, considering of my top 5 one is even and the rest odd:

Even not counting DQXI, DQIX was in there before DQXI released last year
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User Info: Kigalas

4 days ago#17
Evens for me. I grew up playing a lot of both II and IV, and VI is top tier DQ, with a middling VIII.

For the odds, I & III are middling, V is meh, while VII is tops. Maybe I’ll get to IX over the winter.
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Odds overall, but it’s close.
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The even ones, and by a fairly considerable margin.

Of the games listed (since DQ11 is my favorite Dragon Quest game), the only odd numbered ones I like outright better than an even numbered one are DQ1 and DQ3, which I like better than DQ6 (and am fairly certainly I'd like better than DQ10)

11 > 2 > 4 > 1 = 3 = 8 > 5 = 6 = (likely 10, if it was an offline game) > 7 > 9

is the overall list at the moment, for reference.

User Info: Apollo500

3 days ago#20
Definitely odds. While VII is my least favourite game in the series, it has III, V and IX which I adore, and playing I is like clockwork to me now, which can be a nice, easy way to wind down now and then. DQI is possibly my most replayed game of all time due to its shortness and how thoroughly I know it.

Of evens, IV and VIII are the only ones I really love, with II being nostalgic but deeply flawed, and VI being the second least favourite. Sadly can't say anything on X due to lacking localisation, which really hurts evens.

And of course, if we included XI, then odds would just completely obliterate evens.
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  3. Which Dragon Quest games do you prefer: The even ones or the odd ones?
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