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User Info: link_15

1 week ago#1
Wtf is this rubish. The pacingtook a nosedive for the worst. I have to play every character individually just to advance the story? Its so good damn boring. For the first time since starting i found myself skiping cut scenes just to get this boring ass filler out of the way so i can PLAY the game again. Why do they do this? Is this just a cheap way to extend the game time and mask it as dq4 call back? Ugh

I just reached rab’s part and i’m dredding veronica and serenas part. Dear lord someone play this boring ass part for me and give it back when its over

Sigh rant over

User Info: darkmoonbeam

1 week ago#2
no worries
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User Info: xtrasim

1 week ago#3
link_15 posted...
i’m dredding veronica and serenas part
good news there isn't any

you can always play this on the ps4 those parts are not in it they were added for the switch :P

User Info: coconutarmy1

1 week ago#4
Honestly, Sylvando's part didn't seem necessary. Rab, Jade, and Erik's parts really play into the overall plot, and there are some things that wouldn't make sense without them, especially for Jade and Erik, who otherwise just kind of appear in a random place with random stuff going on you never heard of before that isn't explained away by other plot events.
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User Info: Kigalas

1 week ago#5
I much prefer the ps4 way of going from Act 1 to 2. Sylvando’s story especially, as it ruins his Act 2 reveal.
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User Info: spikethedevil

1 week ago#6
Serena and Veronica don't have one for massive spoiler reasons that I wont mention and the other 3 only take about 30mins at most.
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User Info: Nabiki_Tendo

1 week ago#7
dont know what game tc is playing but i love the play each charcter separete part it makes it feel even more like an rpg to see what everyone was doing
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User Info: Magus80

1 week ago#9
I liked the extra stories, thought they were a good way to take a break from the actual game, sorta of like an intermission between performances, to speak of.
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User Info: gamerprince1999

1 week ago#10
The transition from Act 1 to 2 is way better on PS4 (where these party member stories are absent). But as someone who played it on PS4 already, it's appreciated and nice to see what the party was doing when they were split apart and as @Magus80 said, it is indeed a good break from the main game and adds more characterization for each character (except Jade...)
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