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V with none of them even coming close. DQV is in my top 3 games ever, all the rest of the DQ's I've played are great but not even in the top 30. I've played V 20 times over and I've done litterally everything in the game except Estark and getting to LV 99 cause the grinding gets ridiculous. I know where every treasure chest and knickknack is, I can quote many lines of dialogue, I know the characters inside out and I know the order of events and story like the back of my hand.
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4 days ago#122
hinaru77 posted...
So many dragon quest fans
What did you expect?

I liked 4 because each party member had their own little story.

I liked 5 because monster party members.
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User Info: behindtheword

4 days ago#123
@Thrasher7170 When does the Hero in 4 lack magic?
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User Info: JesseH21

4 days ago#124
behindtheword posted...
@Thrasher7170 When does the Hero in 4 lack magic?
He worded it poorly, he meant the hero in 2. But added the complaint on at the end so it looked like he was complaining about 4. That comment was supposed to be why 2 would be at the bottom of his list.
Moogleaxelea13 posted...
DQV is in my top 3 games ever
What are the other 2 games?
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4 days ago#126
I think that most of them are great with slightly differing strengths and weaknesses, particularly my top 5, which constantly shift around...

1-3. VI, VIII, and XI
4-5. IV and V
6-7. VII and IX
8. III
9-10. I and II

I and II are the baselines, and offer very little beyond that. They are inarguably the weakest. III has solid gameplay but is still pretty threadbare in terms of narrative. It also doesn't do much that other entries haven't also done. Points for nostalgia for these 3 maybe?

IX just did not do it for me (maybe I'll give it another chance sometime), and VII's pacing was terrible and I either disliked or was apathetic to the characters. Not bad games, just not for me, I think.

IV is really good. I think it is a bit too short, and its cast, while charming, is underdeveloped as a result. It does so little "wrong" that I can't really fault it beyond just saying "If there were more to it, I'd be over the moon." V's narrative is very strong and one could easily make an argument for it being the "objective best" but... I don't like monster capturing mechanics, and I would have preferred that the human characters get more focus.

VI... You like monsters? You can recruit some, but they aren't the focal point. You like class selection? That's in there, and it's completely optional. You like characters to have unique stuff the other characters can't learn? It's got a bit of that. VI is kind of like an appetizer tray of classic DQ mechanics in that way, lol. It's got some weak but amusing characters on par with IV, but it's also got some great characters that imo rival/surpass some of the best in VIII and XI. It also has my favorite "true" big bads from the series. I am also a huge sucker for the minor villain squad in this game; seeing a DQ take on the four fiends charmed the heck out of me. I also love the setting of this game. While I really like VI, I think that it could have benefited from fleshing out several members of its cast more.

VIII is a phenomenal game with some rather glaring issues. Angelo is, imo, the best character in the entire series. He is heavily developed, multi-faceted, flawed while still being sympathetic, thematically on-point, and his character arc spans the entire length of the game rather than being confined to some specific sub-region like how most non-protagonist characters in video games are written... and Marcello is a fantastic antagonist. The cast in general is very strong, the story is emotional if less ambitious than previous entries (V, VI, VII), the world is in general a joy to explore, and the music is great. However... the gameplay is... it is so badly balanced while simultaneously being annoyingly restrictive and unambitious, and what's odd is that they had an opportunity to fix that in the 3DS version and instead they seemed to just make it worse. I just don't understand a lot of the decisions they made with respect to gameplay in this entry. It's a good thing the rest of the game is so strong.

XI is great, but again, has a couple of noticeable problems. I don't think I need to sing XI's praises on its own board, so... I love most of the party members, though 1-2 of them got the short end of the stick. I think that peps could have been better executed. I think that the 3rd arc was a MASSIVE wasted opportunity and it's not so much that it's bad as it is that it could have been SO much better to the point where it could easily become the best game in the series by a landslide, and it stings that they didn't push it like they could have, especially since you can now replay chapters. The music is... really bad this time around, with most of the best tracks having been taken from previous entries. The villains are, imo, crappier versions of villains we've seen in the series before, save for Jasper and cursed Mia, who were awesomesauce.

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4 days ago#127
Having so much fun
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3 days ago#128
DQ VII on PS2 (with unofficial English language translation). I modded my PS2 just for it. (Though I suppose you could emulate it). I like the DS version, but the PS2 has really good graphics with a nice 3D effect. My second favorite is DQ VII for PS1. Its great both can be played on the same console.
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User Info: AttackUp

3 days ago#129
Only completed DQ8 (PS2) and DQ4 (DS) but I absolutely loved Dragon Quest 8 which is where my vote goes. That game blew away my expectations. DQ4 was good. I liked it enough to finish + the merchant chapter was unique but it didn't WOW me the same way DQ8 did.
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