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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. Would the fan base be opposed to Link actually speaking?

User Info: Miqote

3 weeks ago#1
I know he has traditionally not spoken much at all in these games but would people be up in arms if he actually had dialog?

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User Info: DiogenesKC

3 weeks ago#2
a good number of people, yeh. link's near-muteness has moved beyond a technical limitation and into a character trait. botw even makes it explicit, if there was any doubt before. to give him full dialogue now, whether text or voiced, would be a major change in how he's portrayed and characterized.
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User Info: DiviDude

3 weeks ago#3
Link is basically a non-character, so having no voice doesn't really matter. The exception might be Wind Waker, since Link actually seems to have something resembling a personality in that game and the silence is therefore incongruent. But still, it doesn't reach the absurdity of, say, Suikoden 5 where the main character is silent and tries to emote through exaggerated body language in a totally awkward and unnecessary way.
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User Info: Song_Of_Healing

3 weeks ago#4
Im fine with him being silent

User Info: Alakazamtrainer

3 weeks ago#5
If I recall while not having a voice, A link between worlds link is seen explaining things... there just isn't any dialog on Links part... I'm assuming it's the same in most games, Link explains but is not given a "voice" to do so
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User Info: redmagelala

3 weeks ago#6
We did this already and it's the worst zelda game ever.
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User Info: shinyspheal

3 weeks ago#7
Link seems to be really the silent type, I can't see him getting a voice without altering how he is viewed by people, he is stern but not edgy, can be awkward without being foolish, I feel giving him a voice would quickly change this and I don't like the idea much, unless his dialogue is very carefully planned.
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User Info: Rockman2019

3 weeks ago#8
He did speak. & it was annoying.

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User Info: emiko

3 weeks ago#9
I wouldn't like, hate it enough to stop playing but I do prefer him largely silent. It's easier to project yourself into him as a character because you get to substitute your own thoughts/dialogue and imagine he's saying things the way you want. I like to s*** talk the enemies when I'm vanquishing them. "Oh, you want to take me on? Perhaps you've heard of my blade. They call it the Sword that Seals the Darkness, motherf***ers." Or, "And THAT is for hurting my horse!"

User Info: Justobuy

2 weeks ago#10
I think people like him more mute. Its not like the game story would be better with more text
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  3. Would the fan base be opposed to Link actually speaking?
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