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User Info: MonadoBuster624

1 month ago#1
OK. So based on my math I'm missing 2 seeds: (I have 1 so far from the castle and all but 13 of the Wasteland's - I'm procrastinating on the one's that will be easier to do once the sandstorm being caused by Vah Naboris settles down). The load screen is saying I've got 816 seeds. 900-816-24-13=2.

I was originally missing 3. I've reviewed videos detailing the locations of all the seeds by region. I did manage to find one overlooked seed in the Central region but that was it. I was meticulous about ensuring the seed was a match by making sure the at least three markings on the map matched precisely.

The only other possibilities that could be causing issue with my math would be if the number of seeds found in the Wasteland and the Castle aren't what I'm being told. According to my sources: Castle=25; Wasteland=68.

Now obviously I've already maxed out my inventory. So should I actually give a s*** on this playthrough about getting it perfect?

User Info: snake_5036

1 month ago#2
MonadoBuster624 posted...
So should I actually give a s*** on this playthrough about getting it perfect?
Up to you, man. I was missing two seeds and decided to still go for it, managed to find them both pretty quickly around the dueling peaks. If I had spent more than a couple reviews and look overs of the interactive map on Zelda Dungeon, I probably would've just moved on instead of going for Hestu's pile of poop.
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User Info: DiogenesKC

1 month ago#3
if you give a s***, you get a s***
Welcome to the world of idiots.

User Info: MonadoBuster624

1 month ago#4
All right, I think it makes more sense to start over from scratch with my second playthrough which I'm doing in Master Mode. I had to wait to play in Master Mode. I couldn't do Master Mode before because I've been waiting for a new set of Joycons to come from Nintendo and you guys are likely already aware of just how slow everything is moving due to COVID-19. I finally have the new set of controllers so I'd say my final verdict would be this:

A Master Mode playthrough allows an actual 100% completion of everything (full compendium with golden monster entries, etc.) Therefore, I just make sure that everything is 100% through meticulous tracking while playing on a second playthrough in master mode.

I'd like to ask an additional question, on the subject of the logistics of 100% completion: this is in reference to registering map locations so that they're counted towards your score. The behavior of locations varies a great deal from what I've observed. Waypoints (e.g. shrines, towers) automatically pop-up with their name as you approach them before even registering them to the Sheikah slate. My assumption is that the action that finally scores your locations as counted towards your score is registering them as warp points on your slate.

Then, you have other locations that can't be warped to but behave similarly to waypoints (e.g. bridges, ruins). These locations won't have their name appear on screen until you're actually at the location. However, when you do the game automatically saves. I assume that because of this, these types of locations are being automatically registered as visited the moment I see their name on screen.

Finally, these locations are the most difficult to sort out? They're all on the map after the player activates the region's Shikeah's tower. Obviously activating the tower doesn't count as visiting each area. Would placing a pin on the name of the location and then deactivating the pin by landing on it convince the AI that the location had been visited?

User Info: CarbonButtflap

1 month ago#5
Wait are you asking if you pin an area and then go to it if it will count as visited?


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User Info: Definitelyhuman

1 month ago#6
MonadoBuster624 posted...
Would placing a pin on the name of the location and then deactivating the pin by landing on it convince the AI that the location had been visited?
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User Info: -Ando-

1 month ago#7
You're missing 84

User Info: darkmoonbeam

1 month ago#8
what a bunch of jokers!
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User Info: OhioLawyerF5

1 month ago#9
Once the location name pops up on screen for the first time and the game auto saves, it becomes registered to your map. You can literally float by a bridge, and if you are close enough for the name to pop up on screen, it will register on your map even if you never touch that bridge.
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