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People reacting in fear to the DLC Tingle outfit.
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User Info: Scraps

1 month ago#22
Fierce_Deity_08 posted...
People reacting in fear to the DLC Tingle outfit.
There was one point where I thought the Tingle outfit kept fairies from fluttering away at your approach, referencing his belief/desire to become a fairy, but I don't think it's actually the case.
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Another one I accidentally discovered today: If you stand too close to the edge of Proxim Bridge, the guy guarding it thinks you’re trying to - how to put it gently - game end yourself and forces you to come back onto the bridge.
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User Info: CarbonButtflap

1 month ago#24
I love the initial thrill you get when a shrine is nearby and your radar starts to go off
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User Info: Kirbulant

1 month ago#25
I also love deleting enemies from existence with the Ancient Arrows. By-far my favorite weapon in the game
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User Info: Chico86_basic

1 month ago#26
  • Simply observing the wind;
  • How good just gliding and climbing feels;
  • Voice acting, specially Zelda's;
  • The monster shop owner Kilton;
  • Everything about the Great Fairy Fountain;
  • Weapons and armour design;
  • Nostalgic references from older games in many different locations on the map;
  • That you can create air currents while setting things on fire in the wild;
  • Lightning rod effect on metalic objects during thunderstorms;
  • How you perform parries with the shield;
  • How you can shield surf without the game making it obvious;
  • The way you can tame not only horses but other animals as well;
  • Noticed monsters hunting in order to eat;
  • That you can actually share meat with dogs;
  • Shrines music!
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User Info: wiiking96

1 month ago#27
The way Bokoblins spin through the air if you smack them with a two-handed weapon.

Being able to fly ridiculously high into the air with Octoballoons.

Setting peppers on fire to create an updraft.
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User Info: Vados

4 weeks ago#28
The way Link dismounts at horse when you press B while galopping.

The many musical references in the OST (The Oath to Order is inside the Divine Beast theme // Ballad of the Wind Fish in Hyrule Castle // Kokiri Forest in the Deku Tree's theme etc.)

Shopkeepers and other characters getting all passive agressive when Link talks to them while standing on a table.

Unique dialogue for when Link is naked.

The repercussions of the Gerudo's tradition in regards to men. They used to be kinda like an amazonian thieve/warrior tribe that consisted almost entirely of women. Now that the Gerudo aren't thieves anymore, they're just this group of really awkward women.

The Kilton masks are hilarious.

The chicken dude's screams of agony.

User Info: -Ando-

4 weeks ago#29
lol, I think I need to start a new run.

There are a couple weirdos in the Western portion of the Gerudo Wasteland who have a really bizarre exchange of dialogue with Link after he saves them from bokos/lizal. I tried to trigger it again for screen shots, but it doesn't repeat.

User Info: Invisble_egg

4 weeks ago#30
close up on the sexy af dragons. Their names are even cooler because it comes from many zelda games; din, nayru, and farore.

What's even cooler is that there's a bunch of lore when it comes to these names. Did din, nayru and farore pass their power onto dragons? is that why their called dragon spirits? They're so cool!

also, they brought back the little thing how lanayru was "possessed" by malice, and how in oracle of ages, nayru was also possessed.
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