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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. I am giving up I just don't think this game is for me

User Info: LonnyJohnson

1 week ago#1
The fact that weapons break is just so disappointing and gamebreaking really. Why bother with this in a game of this nature? I got past the tutorial and I just feel like I'm running around wasting time fight trash enemies. Get confused about what to do and just want to play something more focused.

I see and appreciate what they were trying to accomplish with this game but the end result just isn't that great.
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User Info: nurlen

1 week ago#2
No prob, thanks for giving it an honest chance
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User Info: nurlen

1 week ago#3
Also...that sig. lol
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User Info: Naruto_fan_42

1 week ago#4
Weapons only break easily until you get good ones.
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User Info: Dirak

1 week ago#5
You can never find yourself without a weapon, so it not really an issue (for me at least). And the game is about whatever you want to do, your only mission is "go and defeat the bad guy in the center of the map" the rest is up to you.
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User Info: yakarot

1 week ago#6
Freedom and Exploration are big themes in this game. If you want something with a bit more direction than ya unfortunately Breath of the Wild isn’t for you.
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User Info: Sera67

1 week ago#7
1st set of weapons you get..suck... or maybe capital letters SUCK.

I was ready to put the game down to....at that point. Once you get pariglider and get off that blasted plateau, and find some decent weapons.. you can kill 3-5 things before it breaks. Or even one shot stuff with bow.

Abit later game, you'll find some "bonus" stat ones with more attack or durablity that come in handy.

Or look up the durablity swap method. havnt used it yet, (havnt found anyone who owns the akimbo things, nor paied 15$ for card set) Mostly been not doing it, since what you find later isnt as bad. Plus I don't have Akimbo items to make trick work better.
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User Info: bluebeans

1 week ago#8

User Info: kaushik20

6 days ago#9
Weapon durability stops having any meaningful gameplay role the second you step off the Great Plateau. Even in certain areas of the game where you have a limited inventory (trying not to spoil anything), weapon durability is never an issue the way it is on the Plateau.

So if that's the issue, I'd give another shot.

User Info: LawnNinja

6 days ago#10
Think of the weapons in this game like guns in a first-person shooter.

When you play a shooter, it isn't "game-breaking" when you run out of ammo. You simply pick up a new gun from a dead enemy and keep shooting.

When a weapon breaks in this game, it's just like a gun running out of ammo. There's always another weapon to replace the broken one, and the more you play, the better they get.

Eventually you'll have more weapons than you know what to do with.
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. I am giving up I just don't think this game is for me
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