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User Info: Rustykranz

2 days ago#11
Revocation68 posted...
I seriously can't believe the amount of praise/worship and reviews this game got. It's not a bad game, but holy s*** people, come on. Where do I begin?

It's raining, better stop everything you're doing and put your weapons away because you WILL be struck by lightning. All your weapons are metal? Sucks to be you. Trying to climb that mountain? Lol not anymore, you're going to constantly slip and fall now. Now you have to waste 5 mins of your life doing nothing waiting for a stupid f***ing storm to pass.

Weapon durability system. Enough said. It was okay at first but now it's beyond f***ing annoying constantly getting a message telling you "your weapon is about to break!" "Your weapon broke!" etc. Kills the vibe/flow of combat all the time having to freeze, go into the weapon selection menu and pick another weapon. The master sword does not curve this issue enough either. This becomes even worse later on as the enemies become bloated HP sponges.

Combat. It feels like a poor mans/jank Dark Souls. The lock on camera is mediocre along with the dodging. The parry is OK I guess. Combat becomes more of a drag later in the game due to HP sponge enemies like I said before. Combine that with the weapon durability system and I don't even want to engage in combat anymore. It just feels like you're smashing a toothpick into someones face then equipping the next toothpick when your current one breaks.

Side Quests. They are boring/bland. "Fetch me this item. Fetch me 10 of these. Cook me a pie. Give me a baked apple. Show me a picture." *Yawn* majority are just forgettable.

Shrines. Too short. Too easy (with the exception of the motion control ones which are annoying AF). Overall they are decent I guess. Should of made them longer with more challenge. Different/more aesthetics would be a perk. They should of done more with them since they are a big piece of the gameplay loop.

Traveling/exploring around the world. Sometimes it feels like an absolute chore/slog to do. Climbing mountains is becoming tedious (especially with rain) along with running across long stretches of open land just trying to get somewhere of relevance. The stamina bar only makes this process more tedious.

Overall the game is okay. I don't hate it or anything but I do believe the hype is a complete joke. It's a 6/10 or 7/10 at best. I see great potential in a sequel but some major adjustments must be made.

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User Info: TriforceBun

2 days ago#12
Well, I liked it.

What is "AF"?
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User Info: Mariofan15

2 days ago#13
Oh,look.This whiny topic again.
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User Info: nurlen

2 days ago#14
TriforceBun posted...
Well, I liked it.

What is "AF"?

Also Frank

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User Info: Smackmouth007

2 days ago#15
Lets talk about how Link can climb a sheer ice cliff with no gear but slips in the rain, makes logical sense to me.

User Info: so_hai

1 day ago#16
I agree with you. The real star of the game is the pure open world. You are just an observer within this and anything you do has little consequence.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

1 day ago#17
I think this game is stupid but wow I can't be bothered to read that.

User Info: GotConfetti

1 day ago#18
LawnNinja posted...
The only criticism here I agree with is the rain. The inclusion of a weather system was cool for making the world feel more real, but the way it impedes your progress while climbing was a poor design choice.

It's no fun to have to stop playing for 5 to 10 minutes and wait for the rain to stop. It's like the game is intentionally wasting your time. They definitely should have included an armor set that lets you climb normally in the rain.
Sometimes the rain is there to push you away from simply climbing over mountains to skip parts of the game. There’s a few regions it rains constantly in until you compete a quest/objective and the rain is there to push the player towards the path the devs intended. IE. Zora region. Those parts are fun and challenging and some players would miss them if they could climb away from them.
But I can’t pretend I’ve never been irritated by the rain at times cause I definitely have been!
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User Info: AndoYzerman

1 day ago#19
Mariofan15 posted...
Oh,look.This whiny topic again.

User Info: 1000cris

1 day ago#20
Not as overrated as OOT
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