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User Info: AreaFiftyOne7

1 week ago#1
Should I turn them in to increase inventory space? Is this the best use for them? I am scared to use resources in this game bc I feel like they will be way more valuable later?? *no spoilers please*

User Info: GotConfetti

1 week ago#2
The only thing you need to spend Korok seeds on are inventory upgrades. They’re not used for anything else. The only thing you need to decide is which upgrades to spend them on first. Weapon, bow or shield slots. Depends on your playstyle but early on weapon slots are very useful.

User Info: danzam40

1 week ago#3
Expanding the weapon stash is much more valuable than the other two. Bows and shields don’t break nearly as often as weapons do. When you get enough weapon slots, it’s convenient to always keep a fire, ice, and electric weapon on hand along with an iron sledgehammer and a korok leaf. Then the usual weapons for killing monsters on top of that.
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User Info: DiogenesKC

1 week ago#4
you don't need to worry so much about using resources, almost everything can be found again easily enough if you need it. and like confetti said korok seeds exist only to be used to upgrade your inventory so there's absolutely zero reason to worry about spending them.
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User Info: TimeSquid

1 week ago#5
Sell ore
Cook food
Brew potions with monsters and bugs
Kill with swords
Block with shields
Shoot with bows
Now stop worrying about using materials.
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