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User Info: gamingroi

1 month ago#1
Debate rages on regarding the $59.99 price tag associated with Link’s Awakening Remake. LA is unarguably a bite-sized experience when compared to BOTW’s open-world content. But does that mean Link’s Awakening is not worth the same price?

Let me preface by saying that Link’s Awakening is one of my favorite games of all time. But BOTW has slowly captured my attention as one of the best games (not just Zelda) of all time. My wife & I camped outside of Best Buy for 17hrs just so we could play on launch day. But what throws me off is how people are associating just the number of hours of gameplay with the price of the product. While I agree that BOTW has more content, I believe Links Awakening actually does some things better. I enjoyed the music and soundtrack of LA more so than BOTW. But what do you think? Should these two games be priced at $59.99 each even though they are vastly different in length and presentation?


User Info: AndoYzerman

1 month ago#2
Why didn't you just pre-order BOTW? Was camping outside Best Buy really necessary?

User Info: Dark_SilverX

1 month ago#3
AndoYzerman posted...
Why didn't you just pre-order BOTW? Was camping outside Best Buy really necessary?

That was the only way for him to go outside.
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User Info: honiberri

1 month ago#4
Arguably, BotW actually costs $20 more.
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User Info: lunarsword

1 month ago#5
LA is pretty overpriced IMO. It would be better marked at about $30-$40. Of course, I still have the DX version for Gameboy, and played the original back when it came out...so I have no plans to get the remake in any case.

User Info: Vados

4 weeks ago#6
Well, BotW was a new and original product. There was a lot more effort put into it and it shows. It's way longer, has more content, deeper mechanics and it's far superior on a technical level.
Both are fantastic games, but LAHD is just a port, that still comes with tons of issues (the horrible framerate and Link's slow movement speed are my biggest issues with it) and you have a much cheaper alternative for it on pretty much every other nintendo console.

Generally speaking, the only thing LAHD does better than BotW is the dungeons...and even then, they're not much better. They're not really longer, or harder and even their themes are just as basic.

Btw, I also heavily disagree with your statement about the music. I think BotW has a MUCH better soundtrack. LAHD's soundtrack sounds like they were trying to make it too quirky at some moments.

User Info: sorinev

4 weeks ago#7
As a programmer myself, I understand that while it's based on an existing game, development time still went into it and needs to be considered. It wasn't exactly a port of the Gameboy code.

That said though , as just mentioned, it was based on an existing game. The characters, maps, items, etc all already existed. That is, of course, going to save a lot of development time vs a totally new game from the ground up. Especially given that this is a first party title, Nintendo is not exactly short on cash for development that they need recouped from sales of that specific game itself.

So $60 is definitely too much. But it's Zelda, and a sought after remake, so therefore it's $60. :/

I'm not really sure I like the art style they went with. But regardless, I am a crackhead for Zelda, so I will be getting it. If it's still $60 when I'm able to get it, so be it. I am definitely not helping the price problem.
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User Info: Dathrowed1

4 weeks ago#9
Let me say if LA didnt have Nintendo in its name it would be $50 at the most and even that is pushing it. I am not complaining as I was grandfathered with the game pass for Bestbuy

User Info: darkness1018

4 weeks ago#10
I think it depends on what someone wants out of a Zelda. game. If they want something more traditional id recommend Link's Awakening. If I think they'll enjoy a very different take on the series ill say try Breath of the Wild. I like both but I prefer LA a bit more honestly. Both were worth $60 to me & I got 2 very different experiences out of them.

Im also still playing BotW (just got a Switch this past summer), took a break from it to play LA (never played the original) & now im back playing BotW.
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