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  3. The first playthrough of BOTW is the absolute best

User Info: nowitsmytime

1 month ago#1
There's nothing as unique and distinct as unique as the first playthrough of this game. The feeling you get, or the one I at least had, was completely new, I've never felt it before. You're constantly coming across something new and wacky, whether its some funny interaction with runes, whether its seeing a moblin pick up and throw a bokoblin at you, or just the overall feeling of mystery of the world and knowing that there's no boundaries whatsoever to the world, you really feel like you have to survive out on your own and there's that sense of danger.

The music plays perfectly into this exploration as well, you think you're safe when you only hear birds chirping and Link running across the grass, but then all of a sudden you hear a subtle three notes from a vibraphone indicating that something's not right, that you're in danger, but you can't see the enemy, and you even see link getting into a fight or flight stance, so you know something's up, then the violins kick in and the enemy strikes which surprises you. What's even awesome is that the intensity of the melody of the battle is dependent on how many enemies there are, which even enhances your experience. I love it.

What really sets this mood and feeling you get is that this game offers complete freedom, your playthrough will not be the same as anyone else's because you choose where you want to go and how you want to get there, so you really feel like you're out on your own in a vast world that you try to remember through a series of photos.

If you look at my post history I do criticize this game a lot, but honestly that's probably because I put about 400 hours into it and of course everything won't feel as fresh as it did the first time. This game is truly a masterpiece, so good job Nintendo. I haven't played in a while but just thinking back to my first time playing this gives me some nostalgia.
Xenoblade Chronicles X is the best game of all time. Prove me wrong.

User Info: nowitsmytime

1 month ago#2
Also I just wanna add: when it comes to liking a certain game, at the end of the day it's not about how good it is objectively, it's all subjective and you really never know if you like a game or not until you play it.
Xenoblade Chronicles X is the best game of all time. Prove me wrong.

User Info: mweep

1 month ago#3
First time playing a vg is the best...more at 11

User Info: MistressFi

1 month ago#4
I couldn’t agree more!

I still remember my first time on the Great Plateau, hanging out with the Old Man...Then I noticed how much he reminded me of the King of Red Lions, and shortly afterward the thought struck me: “Oh man, he’s actually the ghost of the last king of Hyrule, isn’t he?”

And then there was happening across Zora’s Domain for my first Divine Beast, meeting people who were friends with Link 100 years ago and still remember him...Just that feeling that I wasn’t completely alone anymore...It was amazing!

And then that time I used completely unconventional thinking to solve a puzzle inside Divine Beast Van Medoh, by jumping out of a window and then gliding back in through another window to bypass a barred door...

Ahh...Good times...
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User Info: kisaku

1 month ago#5
Unforgivable experience,I'm just NOW leaving the Plateau and...remember all the struggles with Ogres capable of 1shot kill u every time,playing Master mode is absolutely fantastic,it's like playing Snake Eater and Dark Souls in a Zelda universe,so charming.
Nintendo risked a lot renewing a title so rooted in the hearts of the players, reaching that level of modernity that new players like so much, but that could have turned nose upside down for many old fans.
There are people who complain about the only 14 objects that can be used in total .. others say similar things about other aspects but..quantity is NEVER synonymous of quality,never; still today, more than a year after its release, there are still many people who find different uses for those 14 objects, or alternative ways to achieve goals, like to fish by whistling, to fight without weapons, equipped only with an iron chest operated by magnetism,to achieve the same results by experimenting different gameplay styles.
You don't need thousands of different items if all of that only do the same things,better would be having few items capable of different things,don't u think?
Players with less than 15 years of experience are asked not to intervene,please.
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User Info: honiberri

1 month ago#6
I think I enjoyed my second or third playthrough the most. There's something about knowing what the hell you're doing. And there was still plenty to discover.
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User Info: superfleurs

1 month ago#7
I have to admit, this is the most awesome game I’ve ever played. It’s my first Zelda game, and was a gift for my 70th birthday, haha. In the beginning, I felt like such a dunce, and super lost. Now, after playing every day since beginning of July this year, I’m totally addicted. I love how you can have a goal each day. I started with getting all the towers, so I could see the map, at least. I would advise all new players to do the same. I haven’t defeated any divine beasts yet, not brave enough yet, but I did just get the master sword 2 days ago.

User Info: Rustykranz

1 month ago#8
The feeling I got when running out of the ressurection shrine for the first time is something that will never be replaced.
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