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I started on LoZ 1 in 1986. I messed around on it for a while and never finished it (I was a kid after all). Then I got LoZ 2 and played it through. After finishing it and loving it, I went back and finished the last couple dungeons in #1 and uncovered all the side stuff. Then I played ALttP on SNES. I was more into Sega Genesis at the time so I breezed through it without as much thought (I got more enjoyment out of it later in life than back then). I never really played gameboy much so OoT was the next one I played. By that time I was an adult and gaming wasn't as common for me except the rare games from series that I liked. I like OoT and the 3D Zelda concept so much I kept buying new systems and each new Zelda installment (I also kept up with Final Fantasy until X came out and ruined the experience for me). So I guess I played 3 before OoT.

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