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User Info: HylianFox

1 week ago#1
Probably the one thing that stood out from the teaser is Zelda has shorter hair
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User Info: snake_5036

1 week ago#2
Hell yay
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User Info: Rustykranz

1 week ago#3
Botw board town drunk now and forever

User Info: mweep

1 week ago#4

User Info: wiiking96

1 week ago#5
Imagine the . . . fanart . . . that this will inspire.
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User Info: Cans12

1 week ago#6
Definite yay, lets just hope she doesn't become a damsel in distress for the plot

User Info: IngSlayer

1 week ago#7
"f*** off with this cliche bulls***"

User Info: Fujean

1 week ago#8
Definitely yay. And I can't help but wonder if they got the idea for her short hair from a certain R14 animator. One who was so good they had to hit him with a C&D order. We've seen this Zelda with short hair before and it wasn't from Nintendo.

User Info: DiogenesKC

1 week ago#9
yay, it's cute
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User Info: BloodMoon7

1 week ago#10
I think it looks cuter and makes more sense to me since she's the type to want to explore. Less hair means less chances of getting it caught in something.

And before anyone attacks me, this is just my personal opinion and it is not my intention to impose my views on you.

I also think it's symbolic of moving on. This is a sequel so it's probably after the events of the first game. Perhaps she cut it so she could feel like a new Zelda and not be too haunted by the past.
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