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User Info: eliteoneXP

3 weeks ago#1
So to make a long story short...I finished this week 1 with all 120 shrines done and only a few seeds. I purchased the expansion pass but never did the expansion stuff. I want a reason to restart but I hear master mode is overly punishing. For those that restarted on master mode, how was your experience?

User Info: Disengaged

3 weeks ago#2
Uts not really anymore punishing its......

It's just tedious.

The difficulty is exactly the same, bad guys just take way longer to kill, and if you dont constantly attack them their health regenerates.

So you literally just sit there beating the crap outta the thing like some sadistic maniac for an eternity.

You still eventually end up just as op..... It's just tedious.

Which is a bummer because I like all the floating platforms and stuff, but not enough to deal with the slog.
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User Info: BloodPuppetX

3 weeks ago#3
I only did the expansion pass stuff on my Master Mode run as well. I agree with the above poster that it's a bit tedious, but not overly punishing. Since you already have the pass, it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. You could always quit if you're not enjoying it.
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User Info: aimingdevice

3 weeks ago#4
I wouldn't say it was tedious but rather that you would have to avoid more fights than usual, especially in the beginning and towards the far end when the baddies are upgraded to silver or gold variants. This is particularly so when trying to storm monster camps (like the skulls for instance). The costs for defeating multiple Silver and Gold variants at once is not equal to what random reward you get in that chest. It would only be worth it if you have to storm camps to beat a quest, like the Sheep one or the Lurelin Village one.

Once you leave the GP if you focus on acquiring the good armors like the Barbarian Set, Ancient Armor, etc., and upgrading them you will find the game returns to how it is played on Normal.

The only case where this isn't true is in the Trial of the Sword which obviously removes whatever upgraded armor, powerful weapons and abundance of food you have for story purposes.

I played BotW on launch on normal and beat it 100%. A year later I bought the pack, started on MM and had a lot of fun relearning the game. At the same time I felt very accomplished in beating TotS on MM mode as well as the Champion's Ballad. By doing this I could feel the sense that I have completed the game on the highest and toughest standards possible.

If you think you'll feel the same then it's worth it but you'll have to think about it on your own. Asking for opinions means you have some lingering doubt on whether it is worth it or not. It's best to think about it personally if you think it would be a good or boring idea.
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User Info: Atreides27

3 weeks ago#5

User Info: BigBabyBoris

3 weeks ago#6
I just finished my Master Mode playthrough yesterday. It was my fourth time playing and beating the game.

It was just like the other posters said. It's harder to do what you want as early as you may want to. Doing the Divine Beasts takes longer because it takes a while to be prepared. Armor upgrades take a bit longer because the enemies are harder to beat. Rupees are harder to get early on because you have less monster parts to sell. These things aren't that big of a deal necessarily, but they were things I noticed. The Calamity Ganon fight was very difficult near the end. I should have been more prepared.

I found myself avoiding most enemies I came across. I fought only 3 or 4 overworld bosses total. I tried fighting a Stone Talus early on when I thought I was ready. It regenerated health too quickly, so I had to bail. A lot of the weapons I used were from amiibo because that was easier than trying to get them the regular way lol. You still get to be overpowered. It just takes a few more hours.

Listen. I'm a baby who likes to make things as easy as possible. I only played Master Mode because I wanted to do everything I could in this game. I didn't mind the enemies being stronger, the health-regen was just a bit too much for me.

I think this game has a ton of replayability on its own. If you're looking for a challenge, play Master Mode. If not, I'd still recommend another playthrough. You'll still discover things you either hadn't before, or had forgotten about.
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User Info: BigBabyBoris

3 weeks ago#7
Champion's Ballad is neat too. Forgot to mention that.
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User Info: darkante

3 weeks ago#8
The starting area really gives me the wrong impression for the rest of the game.
I enjoyed that you had a reason to sneak around more, but you get strong pretty early after that.
Only really dislike the sponginess with the gold enemies, not the damage they do.

Also, the DLC starting area also gave me the same wrong impression regardless of difficulty setting.
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User Info: honiberri

3 weeks ago#9
I actually like Master Mode more than normal mode. The floating platforms, or more specifically the weapons on them, change the dynamics of the game in interesting ways. Yeah, you have to skip some fights at first, but when you can pick up a mighty Lynel bow two minutes from the Plateau, for the low low price of having to survive having it shoot bomb arrows at you...
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User Info: aimingdevice

3 weeks ago#10
Also, if you want your life to be 10 times easier, grab the Majora's mask and the whole phantom armor set ASAP. They served as really great crutches on MM until I was able to upgrade better armor and obtain better equipment.
For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. -Sun Tzu
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