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    The Legend of Zelda has been through countless different art styles and almost every game looks different from another. Which art style would you like to see next?
    Also, does the next Zelda need to look photo realistic? To be honest, I already expected Breath of the Wild to look different from how it looks now. Thanks Wii U Tech Demo!

    But that's exactly it! In my opinion, that would be the perfect new art style for the next Zelda. We already had Cel-Shading with Wind Waker, Four Swords and the DS-Games.
    I really don't want to see another Toon Link, as much as I love Wind Waker, but please no! Twilight Princess looks mature and that's more the direction I want it to take.

    Skyward Sword also looked a bit weird, like a fusion of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I never really liked the character models with their huge fat lips. Disgusting!
    Breath of the Wild looks like a playable Ghibli Movie and that's fine. But for god's sake, we have 2019 now! Enough with this! The Switch is capable of so much more!
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