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User Info: Atreides27

4 weeks ago#1
ay lmao wassup everybody, it's me ya boi comin at you live

jk, share BotW memes with me. Or Zelda memes.

Here's one from me:

User Info: bluebeans

4 weeks ago#2
Not a meme, but hurry up and make Untitled 11 please nurl dizzle.
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User Info: Rustykranz

4 weeks ago#3
What is this, talk like snitch day?
Botw board town drunk now and forever

User Info: Super1Up

4 weeks ago#4
I'm scared
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User Info: Warrior3001

4 weeks ago#5
"Skyward Sword is one of the worst games ever and is ranked among melodramatic crap (...) such as Bioshock, Child of Light, Ni no Kuni" -Banned user

User Info: nurlen

4 weeks ago#6
Warrior3001 posted...

Marin's guardian

User Info: Ad_Victoriam

4 weeks ago#7
Not really memes and not really funny, but...
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User Info: nurlen

3 weeks ago#8
Love the horse one haha
Marin's guardian

User Info: Ad_Victoriam

3 weeks ago#9
Here's a few more Awkward Zombie comics. I really don't feel like looking through all of her work to find them, though, since she doesn't draw Zelda exclusively. I recommend checking out her website.
Names are for friends, so I don't need one.
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User Info: LumaRosalina

3 weeks ago#10
Ad_Victoriam posted...

I lol'd
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