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  3. Which game popped your Zelda cherry?

User Info: Forest_Temple

2 months ago#11
I sold like every game I had to get Wind Waker
OOTs Forest Temple is my favorite Zelda dungeon.
Zarama The Dragon God is the one above all.

User Info: Timinatron

2 months ago#12
Forest_Temple posted...
I sold like every game I had to get Wind Waker

I remember when I first played WW, I rented it from a Blockbuster (lol). I was skeptical of the art style at first, but really grew to love that game. The HD version is in my top 5 Zeldas, as it trimmed some of the unnecessary fluff from the original game
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User Info: Ikorus13

2 months ago#13
I...dont actually remember. Maybe links awakening? Or link to the past? I dunno. It was raining in the very beginning?
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User Info: Naruto_fan_42

2 months ago#14
Rustykranz posted...
Timinatron posted...
Rustykranz posted...
LoZ, im old..

Well if I can’t tldr Naruto, I’ll tldr you.


You bastard!

Don't call it the Zelda series, call it the Zelda chain. Because it has so many Links!
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User Info: DiogenesKC

2 months ago#15
i'm pretty sure the first zelda i played was oot.

it didn't stick. i suck at stealth and at that age even getting into hyrule castle was a pain, and then i ended up getting stuck somewhere in dodongo's cavern when my rental ran out and just did not find it worth going back for.

it was majora that actually made me care about the series. the whole off-kilter atmosphere really appealed to me and got me to push through the parts of the gameplay i struggled with. i wanted to learn more about this clockwork town and its clockwork people and all the weird s*** they were dealing with.
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User Info: SLUM_KING

2 months ago#16
MM and OoT on the 3ds, I actually started with MM before Oot on that s*** real talk.
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User Info: GOZYT

2 months ago#17
Windwaker had it's way with me and i enjoyed every minute of it...

User Info: CarbonButtflap

2 months ago#18
LoZ, but I definitely played lttp more, and personally to completion first. I was a youngin when my folks got the gold cartridge for the nes.

AoL remained for a long time that mystical title I'd toyed with, but didn't complete until years later due to its loss in a move. I even completed LA before AoL.

So oddly ALttP into LoZ into LA into AoL is how I'd state it
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User Info: Thrasher7170

2 months ago#19
Wind Waker in 2003 or 2004. Can’t remember which.
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User Info: Phisoe

2 months ago#20
It was Christmas of 2003. (I think; it might've been 2004, or 2002.) My brother got a GameCube, and I got The Wind Waker to play on it. I was seven.

Nowadays, I guess it is weird that I was the one my parents chose to buy it for. Make no mistake, I always played it together with my brother and sister - we all got stuck trying to get the Big Key in Dragon Roost Cavern, until our neighbor showed us what we were meant to do - but it was my game from the start. It was the first experience with video games I'd ever had, and I don't remember anything about me suggesting I would be particularly interested in The Wind Waker.

...Nonetheless, I'm still glad they made that choice. And I do sometimes still hope that my big sister and little brother will come over one day and we can all sit down and enjoy it together, just like we used to in the old days. (Or...enjoy the remake together, at least...I don't have the original anymore.) I know it's not likely, but a girl can dream.
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