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User Info: tottenhamfan

2 months ago#1
Could the next zelda be a mobile game? Thoughts?

Edit: mobile means cell phone. My bad for lack of detail.
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User Info: Rustykranz

2 months ago#2
On a cell phone? No. Switch is mobile, they'll stick with that or 3ds, which is mobile too.
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User Info: TourianTourist

2 months ago#3
There had been rumors a while ago that Nintendo is working on one. However, these rumors dated it after Animal Crossing for mobile devices, where we got Dragalia Lost instead. And now we're getting Mario Kart Tour...

Still, I think it's entirely possible, if the game played with touch controls only like Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks. It would probably be focused on small dungeons / levels, similar to the multiplayer titles.

Of course this would only be side game, but I would enjoy something like that on the go.
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User Info: honiberri

2 months ago#4
Just what the world needs, Zelda GO...
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User Info: clallseven

2 months ago#5
honiberri posted...
Just what the world needs, Zelda GO...

Korok Seed GO! Walk around and collect dog poop.

User Info: SLUM_KING

2 months ago#6
I'm barely at home anyway so more top moblie games would be the right s*** for me.
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