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  3. Do we agree this is the worst Zelda ever?

User Info: SparksAround

2 months ago#1
First off the gameplay. You have swords you can pick up, and even shields and bows. Cool right? Problem is they break after 2 or 3 swings, and then you are screwed until you can find a new sword and have to resort to fighting with sticks in the meantime. You are given infinite bombs, but Link can't throw to save his life, so what's the point in bothering with them for fighting? You pretty much have to resort to using weak weapons since all the good weapons just break soon after you pick them up. Also where are your power ups like hookshot etc? Where are the dungeons? They don't exist in this game (or barely do), and that's the most disappointing part, and the funnest part of Zelda games. All we have left to do is explore a mostly empty world and collect bugs and food, with the only item you get is a paraglider and you're set to go. The unique gameplay pretty much ends after the plateau, and after that it's mostly just repetitive.

The story. *SPOILERS* It starts off decent, but then just breaks away into awful love stories. First we have to hear the plot of him and Mipha, who is a fish, A FISH (REALLY?), and then as the game progresses, it tries to make us want Link and Zelda to be a couple as you watch all of the memories fold out. It's hard to even remember what the main plot is sometimes since it's too focused on love and romance. I really hope they tone this down or completely remove it in the next game. *END SPOILERS*

The graphics and sounds. The graphics are okay, but they could be so much better. I mean look at RDR 2 graphics, and compare them to this. Sure maybe the Switch isn't quite as powerful as a PS4, but it's close enough, and they could have done a lot better making realistic graphics. It feels like they regressed after TP. Do we all agree on this? Also, the music, WHERE IS IT? All I hear is a random piano now and then that plays for 3 seconds (it always creeps me out too, I mean you might as well go with complete silence at this point if you're gonna take it that far). I know graphics and sound aren't EVERYTHING, but I just wish they could have put slightly more effort into them if you know what I mean.

I don't mind changing up the formula now and then, but in this game it seems like they completely eradicated the old formula and replaced it with... nothing.
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User Info: Zeveria

2 months ago#2
If I had to pick "worst" to mean " containing the most annoying/awful elements that hurt the game" then I suppose I could agree. But overall, it does have it strengths that make it good despite the flaws. Personally my least favorite is aLttP which I feel doesn't do well in any area, except maybe the overworld...and I mean maybe because while the overworld itself is nice, fast travel comes far too late into the game and retreading the same areas can get tedious.
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User Info: Thrasher7170

2 months ago#3
Not at all. It’s the second best in the series after TP. Oracle of Ages is the worst Zelda, with OoT being the worst 3D game by far.
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User Info: Nightfire2512

2 months ago#4
Adventure of Link still exists, so no.

User Info: nurlen

2 months ago#5
Skyward Sword still exists, so no.
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User Info: OhHiRenan

2 months ago#6
Phantom Hourglass is the worst

User Info: spiritomolto

2 months ago#7
No, I think it's the best one. Or at least one of the best. I'd say the worst is Four Swords but I'm not really sure.

SparksAround posted...
It feels like they regressed after TP. Do we all agree on this?


User Info: Rustykranz

2 months ago#8
SS and the s***ty motion controls that didn't work
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User Info: Timinatron

2 months ago#9
Anyone who says BotW is the worst Zelda hasn’t played Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks. Or Tri Force Heroes. Or Four Swords. Or Four Sword Adventures.

Good lord, need I continue?
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