So you really can't toggle on/off Master Mode?

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  3. So you really can't toggle on/off Master Mode?

User Info: silverfaustx

1 year ago#191
Thrasher7170 posted...
1. Hard mode is a separate file and WILL NOT overwrite your normal file.
2. We've known this for weeks, please stop whining.

User Info: nurlen

1 year ago#192
What in flying f*** is going on here

User Info: Monadobuster

1 year ago#193
nurlen posted...
What in flying f*** is going on here

I don't know, bro. I'm just adding fuel to the fire. This thread is full of those types of people. Might as well go in on them too.
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User Info: nurlen

1 year ago#194
Oh, okay. You sound like a nascar fan, @hazeyville

User Info: MelanyKoura

1 year ago#195
Well, let's start with the simple parts that most Zelda fans would know. Hard/Hero/Master mode has never been a toggle. It was never even available from the beginning most of the time, or at least that people knew (strictly speaking, the 2nd quest in Legend of Zelda being unlockable from the start by entering your name as "Zelda"). When the concept was fully introduced in the games, you had to beat the game to unlock it. These modes were there for those who sought an additional challenge. It wasn't meant for those who just wanted to clear the game and put it down (possibly to replay it later). You also had to dedicate a save slot to that mode, and you had to start a new file to even choose the option.

Now, let's bring it around to Breath of the Wild. You have a huge open world game that essentially lets you do everything in just about any order. You have enemy spawns in certain locations, as well as Stal enemies spawning around you at night, and the Yiga Clan coming after you freely once you clear out their hideout. Two of those aren't a major factor because the spawns revolve around the player, and could be considered dynamic. Master Mode brings a higher difficulty ceiling to the table while raising the floor under you, new enemy spawns, enemies that can regenerate their health when you leave them alone, and new floating platforms that rise into the air that have enemies and loot on them. Is that all? Possibly not, I've not touched the mode or researched it, I've only read "what's on the box," although it's enough to know stuff is very different.

First, the notion of "upgrading" a file to Master Mode. This is a dumb notion, if only for what it could do to break the file in the process. How? The "upgrade" would have to parse the data in your save file. ALL OF IT. This means every piece of gear you have, every spirit orb, every enemy that may or may not be dead, where the formations are... EVERYTHING. Then, in order to raise the difficulty floor (that is, removing any and all red tier enemies from the game) it would have to run a kill command on every red mob in the world. Then it would have to spawn in new enemies. It would also have to tell the game "Never spawn these enemies" probably by setting a flag, at the very least. From there it ALSO has to tell the game "Hey, start spawning these enemies" so we see the new tier (probably gold tier, since it goes by color? I don't know the details). It doesn't stop there either. It also has to check if there are any obsolete spawns and wipe them out, then add in the new ones in. If they spawn in different slots and are meant to have a little outpost or something, then geometry in the game has to be changed or moved. Then the game would have to also map out where those platforms spawn, as well as which ones have enemies and chests on them and spawn those. There also needs to be something changed to allow enemies to begin regenerating health. Can you see how much can go wrong in that process? Possibly even MORE than that. Now try the idea of making it into a toggle. You have GOT to be kidding me. Do you WANT to break your file? Do you want to bug it out so badly?

Tldr - The idea of upgrading your save could be a whole heap of bad juju that would screw your file. A toggle would make it infinitely worse.

Now, everything I listed there is just conjecture on my part. It could be worse than that or easier, I don't know. There's also the fact that hard mode in Zelda games has always been made to challenge it from the beginning. Evidenced by forcing a new file to be started. Popping into it because "oh I'm ready for it now" is not how it's meant to be played/enjoyed. Either some people miss this fact, or are entitled and just don't care.

Either way though, that's my lengthy post. If you respond to me directly, don't expect anything back.
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  3. So you really can't toggle on/off Master Mode?

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