Is there a Zelda-Game that you never finished?

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  3. Is there a Zelda-Game that you never finished?

User Info: Zeldameister

11 months ago#1
Although I'm a very big Legend of Zelda Fan, I must admit that there is at least one game that I never finished. In my case it's Tri Force Heroes, because it was pure garbage!
What about you? Did you play but never finish a certain Zelda-Game for a specific reason? Be honest!

User Info: BoganZ

11 months ago#2
Skyward Sword. Same reason as yours.
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

11 months ago#3
Minish Cap. Just couldn't get into it. Like the idea, but the execution just wasn't there. Kind of felt like a chore playing it.
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User Info: Thrasher7170

11 months ago#4
Zelda 2, because I lost the cartridge as a kid (and I'd just beaten Volvagia, too!) and Oracle of Ages, because the game was horribly boring. I'll go ahead and throw the dozen or so abandoned playthroughs of OoT in there too, for the same reason as OoA.
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User Info: DragonImps

11 months ago#5
Lost interest in Adventure of Link sometime after the third or fourth palace. Haven't gottten around to playing it again yet.

Only got the end of the first world of Four Swords Adventures. Liked the game, but ended up trading it in to put money towards Twilight Princess.

I actually played most of the levels in Tri Force Heroes. Was planning on fighting the final boss at some point, but I feel like I've seen enough of the game already.

User Info: finalrush7

11 months ago#6
Zelda 1 and 2. But I will complete them at some point.
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User Info: Zero_Maniac

11 months ago#7
BoganZ posted...
Skyward Sword. Same reason as yours.

Also Zelda 2.
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User Info: Sirk

11 months ago#8
The only ones are Zelda II and Four Swords Adventure.

The former because I would have only ever beaten it by abusing save states, and it just wasn't worth it.

The latter because it was way more fun to play it the one time I played it with friends. I could never muster the energy to play it alone.

Every other title either played to completion or never played before (the Philips games + Tri Force Heroes).
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User Info: Tales_of_101

11 months ago#9
The only ones I haven't finished are Zelda 1, Zelda 2 and Phantom Hourglass

I think I could finish Zelda 1 if i sit down and actually attempt to finish it, maybe the same for Zelda 2 but it's such a different game (Plus I've always been terrible at 2D games especially on the NES). Phantom Hourglass I recall not liking the controls and never got into it.

Every other Zelda game I have either beat 100% or not played at all.

User Info: yab

11 months ago#10
Phantom Hourglass.

Although I also didn't finish hero mode in Skyward Sword and ALBW.
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  3. Is there a Zelda-Game that you never finished?

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