Do you have any OCD's when playing this game?

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  3. Do you have any OCD's when playing this game?

User Info: hulkhogan1

1 year ago#1
-I always have to have full hearts as much as possible. Even if I'm just missing a quarter of a heart and all I have is something that fills half a heart, I will still consume it for the sake of having full health.

-I like to always have a sword equipped because it looks the most aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes I will go out of my way to not even use the sword and switch to a different weapon, in order to continue having a sword in my arsenal for as long as possible if I only have one.

-If I shoot an arrow and it lands somewhere I can go pick it up, I will go out of my way to go grab it so I don't have to feel like I wasted an arrow.

-Often times when I'm somewhere with cool scenery like a pretty sunset in the distance, I snap a quick screenshot to save to my Switch.

-I have to use the paraglider as much as possible. Even if I'm jumping down a short distance like out from a tree, I still have to paraglide down to make it look cooler.

-I pretty much exclusively use Cryonis to travel a body of water rather than wasting the stamina to swim in it.

-If I'm just wandering around and not doing anything super important when it gets to be late at night, I will fast travel to my house in Hateno Village so I can sleep until morning. Furthermore, when I save the game at the end of a session I like to try to save the game at the house. That way I feel like I'm starting a brand new day from my house when I start a new session.

User Info: CorporalPronin

1 year ago#2
Yes, I have a lot of habits too.

For most of the game, my choice outfit was the Climber's Bandana, Hylian Trousers, and either the Climbing Gear or Champions Tunic with mostly matching colors. I made sure to have that on when talking to npcs or before any cutscenes and generally as much as possible, even in harsh environments because I really liked the look of it aesthetically. I also preferred to only have a weapon equipped and a shield and to a lesser extent a bow unequipped as much as possible for the same reasons.

I almost exclusively save in front of stables next to my horse, in Links House in Hateno Village, or in Impa's house... for a particular reason...

If I'm not going to use my horse for a while. I'll ride it over to the nearest stable or make sure to have it boarded at the stable, instead of just leaving it alone wherever I last had it until I need it again.

I always save up spirit orbs for at least 3 or more upgrades at once.

There's other routines and rituals I do in the game but most aren't worth mentioning.
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User Info: Gargomon251

1 year ago#3
What is "an ocd"?? That's like saying "Do you have any asthmas?".
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User Info: Stanger5150

1 year ago#4
I do everything you do, actually!

Also, I won't kill animals, so I only cook vegetarian dishes. Also, every time I go home, I fast travel to the Hateno lab and use Revali's Gale so I can paraglide right to my front door.
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User Info: Katellox

1 year ago#5
I can only bring myself to use the weakest weapon in my current arsenal, and if I find a stronger weapon, even if it's one attack higher, regardless of the weapon type, I will replace my weakest weapon with that newfound weapon.

I try to horde special arrows into the hundreds for no particular reason.

When I sell any materials - food or monster parts - I sell everything and whittle each item down to 50 per item. With ores I usually sell until down to 10, except diamonds which I don't sell. Tonight I splurged though and sold 800 guardian components and every ore I had from Talus farming because the payout was too tempting. The lack of ores in my inventory now bothers me. The nice '50' across my inventory is strangely satisfying.

I refuse to take my horses off of the roads. Unlike any other Zelda game, if I want to deviate into the fields, I will 99.9% of the time get off my horse and run there.

... yeah, those are the weird biggies.

User Info: Codster

1 year ago#6
Oh yes. I'm the same with hearts. I like to keep my weapons, materials, and meals sorted. I try to have five of each meal/elixir at all times. Five health boosts, five heart boosts, five stamina boosts, and so on. And I always wear complete sets of armor. The top five bows in my bow stash are five five-shot Savage Lynel Bows.
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User Info: JCoconut

1 year ago#7
Open every chest even when full inventory

Trying to never have full stamina to not waste the stamina regeneration stat

User Info: RippleLaser

1 year ago#8
Always have a high tier Goblin Club ready to throw on someone's face.
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User Info: Joshjosh022

1 year ago#9
You don't know what OCD is

User Info: Sk8RuLz

1 year ago#10
I had to have all 30 hearts, just for the sake of having two full lines of hearts. I know you can easily get through the game with few hearts, but for me a Zelda game file isn't complete if you don't have max hearts.

As someone above mentioned, I like to have only a melee weapon and a shield equipped, no bow. For appearance reasons.

I feel kind of vulnerable if I drop under say 50 regular arrows.

I MUST drop that rock on the korok's head after finding it. If I happen to move while dropping the rock, and the rock doesn't fall on it's head, I go back and pick it up again and drop it on it's head. You decided to show up with 899 of your crew? Expect consequences, plywood.
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  3. Do you have any OCD's when playing this game?

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