Why are people okay with this game having a "woman-only" city in it?

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  3. Why are people okay with this game having a "woman-only" city in it?

User Info: Minjo26

11 months ago#1
We all very well know if you reversed the sex ratio of the Gerudo and they had a patriarchal city where only men were allowed to enter there would be an absolute uproar. So why is it considered acceptable to have things the other way around?

User Info: ECH01

11 months ago#2
Oh boy, here we go.

edit: although this might be such lazy bait people may just ignore it.

User Info: haloeighteen

11 months ago#3

User Info: Rupin_Salesman

11 months ago#4
it's been like that since 1998 dude
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User Info: ChibiGhasts

11 months ago#5
because women are oppressed and under privileged or something
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User Info: 12ehsteve

11 months ago#6
Because that tribe has been that way since 1998.

Also, even though they're a powerful and formidable clan, they still sort of obsess over finding husbands. Which they ironically don't let into their town anyways.
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User Info: OgesMC

11 months ago#7
Like everyone else said, its been that way since ocarina. There isnt some hidden meaning or subtle pandering, gerudo just have a single male every century or whatever.
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User Info: apathid

11 months ago#8
my topic was deleted for 'trolling'

so be careful TC, presenting double standards and facts is now trolling
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User Info: Minjo26

11 months ago#9
To clarify, I'm not asking why it's in the game - I'm completely okay with that reasoning. What I'm asking is why it isn't talked about and is considered to be an acceptable aspect of the game with little-to-no backlash?

Taking the example one step forward, let's say things were the other way around in Ocarina too. Back in 1998 no one would've made anything of it, but if that culture was represented again in 2017, BotW would have been criticized for not being progressive and with the times.
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. Why are people okay with this game having a "woman-only" city in it?

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