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User Info: UltraFauna

4 years ago#1
I need star fragments for my ancient armor (I only need one), but I don't want to do the saving-exiting the game method (mostly because I don't know how to do it correctly), so I decided to kill Silver Lynels, I've only found one in the Coliseum Ruins, but I want more of them. Do they spawn in another place?

User Info: Sailor_Razor

4 years ago#2
Past a certain point they'll replace most Lynels. Three Lynel spawns are to the north of the map, West of the Eldin Great Skeleton (doesn't get tagged on the map until you go over to it). One has a sword, one has a spear, and one has a mace. If you can get a big, badass nasty weapon you don't mind breaking, use that to make things go quickly and just reload if you don't get a Star Fragment.

Also, if you have a big, badass nasty weapon that you DO care about breaking, the use it only for mount attacks because those don't expend durability. The sword one of that trio seems semi-prone to dropping swords with something in the area of 90 Attack, so be sure to check the weapon before reloading in case it's something you'd want to use.

User Info: 12ehsteve

4 years ago#3
Kill every Lynel you come across. Aside from the one near Zora's Domain, after enough Blood Moons and killings they'll all be Silver
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User Info: MattTheMan2708

4 years ago#4

You can use this to find them all. There 16 total.

User Info: egpNoodlez

4 years ago#5
I think it's called Talbob Grasslands? The area near the Giant Horse. That stretch of land has two Lynels they were silver in my game. There is one in Hebra just immediately south of the shrine that is west of the labyrinth. There are a lot more places but I'm at work so don't really have too much chance to reference the map lol

User Info: Jtoomer

4 years ago#6
Due to how the ZeldaDungeon map can be horrible on mobile platforms (or other issues that may arise) here is an image of the map with only the lynels' icons visible.


User Info: CycloneGU

4 years ago#7
I have horrific memories of the one in the Nabooru Snowlands. All I wanted to do was get a memory picture cleared up. I was heading right for the gate over the mountain to the southeast. I was almost to the location.

And then the stupid Lynel spotted me.

Due to lightning, I was forced to abandon the trek. I later came back from the west and indeed saw that, as I expected, the memory location is right in front of the gate and merely stepping into the frame of the gate gives you a view of that Lynel.

User Info: macknifficent89

4 years ago#8
i've killed a bunch of them and never got a star fragment yet. you may have better luck, but the other method is quicker and more foolproof.

User Info: Gunz77

4 years ago#9
In my case, all Lynels are silver except the one above Zora's Domain. I've killed 40+ and only gotten one star fragment.
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User Info: Enclave

4 years ago#10
UltraFauna posted...
I don't want to do the saving-exiting the game method (mostly because I don't know how to do it correctly)

You save your game before the fight, if after the fight what you want doesn't drop load your save and try again, repeat until it drops what you want. You don't need to exit the game, you just need to load your save.
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