Is it normal that I don't know where to go?

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  3. Is it normal that I don't know where to go?

User Info: JasonGF

1 year ago#1
All I have are four waypoints but no guidance on which one to go to first. Is this how the game is intended or did I miss some directions from someone?

User Info: Madzola

1 year ago#2
You're good to go.

User Info: Dotang34

1 year ago#3
Pick your poison. The game difficulty is based on progress, not region, so you can go anywhere you want first. I recommend the northwest or northeast ones for their rewards. One is super convenient, the other is a literal lifesaver.
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User Info: SilverBassCross

1 year ago#4
You pick.
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User Info: KazeKill

1 year ago#5
this game is meant to be explored to its fullest each marker just points you to the towns you can visit and get more quests.
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User Info: Hirokey123

1 year ago#6
This is how it's intended there is no set order. In addition while some areas are going to harder to go through than others the game will also scale difficulty as it tracks how many of a species you've killed and once you kill enough of them it moves you up the difficulty ladder. So for example red bokoblins will be replaced with blue, blue with black, and black with silver until the place is crawling with silver enemies. In addition to their difficulty increasing so does the quality of their weapons both in power and enhancements. With this system in place you're basically free to do whichever divine beast you want first and it will scale as you go along.

The same holds true for the story, if you want to the story you're going to have to explore for it it's never going to be handed to you in a linear fashion it's going to be hidden away in far away locations and secret diaries.
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User Info: Excalibur

1 year ago#7
Open world, buddy. You go do what you want.
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User Info: fantasypower999

1 year ago#8
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User Info: mattnd2007

1 year ago#9
pick one and go. dotang's advice is solid. those two are also probably easier than the other two.
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  3. Is it normal that I don't know where to go?

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