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  3. How Breath of the Wild is basically Avatar: The Last Airbender

User Info: Rithrius

2 years ago#1
Chosen by destiny? Check!
Fails to perform his given duty? Check!
Frozen in stasis for 100 years while the world turns to s***? Check!
Needs to master his abilities in a short span of time or the world is doomed? Check!
Gathers an army of friends from a variety of different nations? Check!
Has a glider? Check!

The only thing Link doesn't have in common with Aang is the arrow on his head. :P

User Info: Wonder-Bayo

2 years ago#2
Wow this is so true lol

If only one of the four elements was Earth instead of Lightning, but still kinda fits
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User Info: mucloud

2 years ago#3
HA! Never looked at it like that.
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User Info: the_NGW

2 years ago#4
My girlfriend said the same when she started playing.

As I played more I sighed and laughed at how spot on she was.
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User Info: YungLeviathan

2 years ago#5
My favourite analogy is actually to do with Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

The Yiga Clan being defectors of the Sheikah is exactly like The Red Lotus defectors from the ancient White Lotus, and they both have the sole duty to assassinate the Avatar/Hero.

I wish BoTW represented the Yiga Clan more seriously though...

User Info: Quol

2 years ago#6
Oh thank god other people noticed this stuff i thought i was the only one. When there is mention of Link being in stasis for 100 years i start thinking "But when the world needed him most, he vanish..."

User Info: DuranmanX4

2 years ago#7
More like "How Breath of the Wild is basically an RPG"
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User Info: Valli

2 years ago#8
He even has the age to match Aang.

User Info: Sempiterna

2 years ago#9
Spot on smh
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User Info: DrWho2000

2 years ago#10
I took a look at the synopsis for the cartoon and the reviews. I'm going to start watching it. Thanks for mentioning it.
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