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User Info: Ippongi_Ryuta

3 years ago#1
What order did you tackle them in, and would you recommend said order, difficulty-wise?

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User Info: Porkimus_Prime

3 years ago#2
zora, goron, ruto, gerudo

User Info: Ben111

3 years ago#3
Zora, rito, guerdo, goron
I would say that is good difficultly wise. I would say goron is hardest imo and that zora is easiest. Rito is also easy. Guerdo is in the middle

User Info: ArkanaX

3 years ago#4
I've only done the Zora and Goron ones so far and the Zora one is definitely easier, besides getting 20 shock arrows.

User Info: Xashowd

3 years ago#5
Imma be "that guy" who hasn't done them all yet (just two), but I also have decided on my order.

Rito, Zora, Goron, Gerudo.

At first I tried the Early Game Hyrule Castle Challenge, picked up some sweet loot (though looking at posts and the Guidebook I got, I missed the biggest one...) and got all the way to the final room, but couldn't beat the second of the bosses that showed up, so I booked it and resumed with main quest for a bit, and after Kakariko I just explored for a while. Saw the giant bird thing in the sky and decided "I'm going to that thing, because I love flying and air stuff."

I do not regret my descision. The leadup to Medoh was amazing and I loved the whole aerial battle section. The interior puzzles were fun too, I love how we can manipulate parts of the Beasts. Windblight Ganon was easy, though my experience facing him before in my failed Hyrule Castle Run helped a lot. The quests and overall dungeon were really easy too, so it makes for a great first stop. The Ability you get from it is amazing too, makes expolration so much easier.

Ruta was interesting. The fights here I saw a video on, so I was also a bit prepared, and the puzzles were interesting to figure out on my own. Didn't make the true boss of the place easier though...it was the one that made me turn back from HC, so it was basically revenge time. Took more tries than Medoh, but I got him down.

Currently on my way to the Goron area. Totally blind and exploring along the way. Should be fun.
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User Info: SMT_Masochist

3 years ago#6
I just started and am not too familiar with the names. Tried north east and couldn't get through mountain ranges so I'm in south west now with all the ladies in the desert. I'll look at what you guys did and may change course.

In terms of main quests...is this the last major one aside from getting the master sword? I know you can go straight to Gannon but I'm assuming I'll be buff enough to take him on after this. It's a lot of ground to cover.
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User Info: Leanaunfurled

3 years ago#7
Gerudo, Rito, Zora, haven't done Goron yet. Hardest was Gerudo and that was his speed.
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User Info: Zanthion

3 years ago#8
The Zora one was definitely the easiest. The lead-up, the dungeon itself, and the boss battle were all easier than the rest. I get the feeling that Nintendo designed that one to be first, since if you follow the in-game clues about your first set of objectives you'll naturally end up in that area before the others. Unless you tried to actually fight the Lynel like I did. That was the hardest thing I've done in the whole game so far.

I had the hardest time doing the lead-up to the Goron dungeon. I didn't like that escort mission. The Rito and Gerudo lead-ups were about the same, and were both fairly easy. I expected the sandsurfing mission for the Gerudo to be frustrating, but it wasn't. Maybe because I'd already done the Rito lead-up, which was basically the same thing. As far as the dungeons themselves go, the Goron and the Rito were about the same, both more difficult than the Zora, but I thought the Gerudo was the hardest of them all by a significant margin. Navigating the electrical currents through the whole dungeon was tough. I will say, though, that the camel mech was the one dungeon more than any others that really felt like a classic Zelda dungeon of yore.

The Gerudo and Goron bosses were the hardest, while the Zora and Rito bosses were surprisingly easy.

Overall, from easiest to hardest, I'd say: Zora--Rito--Goron--Gerudo.

User Info: ZodiacSoldier

3 years ago#9
So far I have only done Zora, but I did just complete all my Map towers yesterday so I have an easy time warping to other places

I'm thinking of doing Rito, then Gerudo, and lastly Goron,

Everyone say Rito is pretty easy so I want to do that second.

And between Gerudo and Goron, I'm mainly doing Goron last because of the damn heat, I'm waiting until I get enough rupees / unlock enough fairies to upgrade the flame armor all the way.
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User Info: Comyx

3 years ago#10
I've only cleared the Zora one so far, but the order I'm choosing will probably be anti-clockwise by looking at the map, so right now I'm in Goron City, and after I'm done with the Goron beast I'll probably go for the Rito one, then
the Gerudo one will be the last one.
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