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  3. How does the weapon durability work?

User Info: 3superstitions

3 years ago#1
I'm curious ,so please enlighten me
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User Info: DiogenesKC

3 years ago#2
you hit things and eventually the weapon breaks
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User Info: the_rowan

3 years ago#3
I dunno if anyone has worked it out mechanically to the T yet, but I've observed the following:

It's based on the number of times you hit things, not just swinging at air, but this includes blocked strikes (so if an enemy blocks the spear's charged flurry of strikes, RIP durability).
Shields break even if you perfect shield, and also can break when you try to ride them (which can literally kill you depending on where it happens--it does a lot of damage to have it break on a steep slope even if you barely fall anywhere).
You have no indication of overall durability other than a warning when the weapon gets to very low durability (25%? 10%? Not sure what this threshold is.)
Throwing weapons does a LOT of durability damage, but does not instantly destroy well-made weapons. You can throw a good weapon at mounted enemies to knock them off and then pick up the same weapon, for example.
Breaking weapons by any means does double damage for that hit.

Not sure how things like setting wooden weapons on fire effect durability.
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User Info: kidesper

3 years ago#4
you ever play battletoads? It's exactly like that.

User Info: edgarmorrtis

3 years ago#5
It also looks like weapons will break faster if you're using them incorrectly.

Chopping down a tree with a sword will break it much quicker than it would an axe. Or using a spear on rocks instead of a hammer will shred the spear.
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  3. How does the weapon durability work?
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