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  3. Is Nintendo afraid that Genshin will be more popular than BOTW 2?

User Info: Bloodychess

2 months ago#131
Hayas***akara posted...
why do people still think a generic f2p mobile gacha game has any kind of influence on anything other than for weeb youtubers?
because lazy trolls on gamefaqs need something to bait about
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User Info: Finn-X

2 months ago#132
omniryu posted...
So you mean to tell me, that nintendo is scared of making money? Because you know if it goes in their platform, nintendo make money off their sales or microtransaction?
Yes because Genshin will make BOTW 2 irrelevant so sales will tank

User Info: Sooners2071

2 months ago#133
Finn-X posted...
Is that why Genshin Impact is still not on the Nintendo Switch?
Nice failed troll attempt first of all the company that is making Genshin Impact has already said that it’s coming to the switch. Second of all we don’t know when the release date of Breath of the Wild 2 is. Third of all Genshin Impact will not out sell one of Nintendo’s best franchises especially with the loot box mechanics in the game
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User Info: DreTam2000

2 months ago#134
PS4Warrior posted...

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User Info: Paulf001

1 month ago#135
It's a Gatcha game that is actually high quality. Low rates 0.6% pulls cost 50 for $100. It already surpassed the amount of money BotW2 would make since it isn't a gatcha.

I think Nintendo would want the game on Switch because when people spend money on it they get a 30% cut.

They come out with really nice looking chars people spend hundreads or even more than a thousand dollars on one char to C6 them (max them out).
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