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User Info: EternalWolf

1 month ago#1
Was thinking of getting these but they cost the price of a retail game and there are still some I haven't picked up(Smash, AC, Maker and maybe Luigi).

NES games are almost impossible to play because I can't remap the controls. Is the dpad on the NES Joycons good and does it feel like playing on a NES or not really?
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User Info: akira595

1 month ago#2
They pretty much feel like you’re using an original NES controller, more or less. The build quality is great.

Whether they’re worth it or not comes down to how much you plan on playing the NES app (or some other games like the Megaman and Castlevania collections).

I’m glad I have the controllers when I do play those games, but I also don’t feel like I’ve used them enough to get my money’s worth. Personally, I wish I had gotten them on sale (which does happen from time to time).
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User Info: sh1234

1 month ago#3
They go on sale for half price occasionally.
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User Info: EternalWolf

1 month ago#4
Thanks for letting me know they go on sale, didn't think they would be a product that does. I'll definitely wait then.
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User Info: wordscansay

1 month ago#5
The SNES one is better, works well with NES games and you only have to buy 1. Also I thought the last major system update allowed for remapping buttons? I haven't tried it myself but I could have sworn I read that.

As for the NES controllers, I regret buying them after getting the SNES ones. Another note the d-pad isn't as pronounce as the original NES controller. Same can be said of the ones that came with the NES classic. It bothered me enough I swapped them out with an OG d-pad on my classic.

User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

1 month ago#6
I got the SNES one good controller I've used to for other games outside the SNES, and NES app like in blazblue basically it will work with any game that don't need the analog stick
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User Info: bigjnyc

1 month ago#7
I have the NES Joycons and I say it completely worth it. I will not play the NES games without it. Plus I like on the arcade classics games. The only problem I have with them is aside from the NES app you can't exit to the home screen.
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