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  3. Do you prefer 2D Mario games or 2D Sonic games?

User Info: JontheLoner

3 weeks ago#1
Do you prefer 2D Mario games or 2D Sonic games? - Results (295 votes)
2D Mario games (Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, World etc.)
80.34% (237 votes)
2D Sonic games (Sonic 1, 2, 3&K etc.)
19.66% (58 votes)
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Jon TL

User Info: BloodPuppetX

3 weeks ago#2
Mario, easily.
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User Info: Tenshi-Ruya

3 weeks ago#3
I prefer 2D Sonic.
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User Info: GeneralFox

3 weeks ago#4
I do absolutely love some of the 2D Sonic games. But I'll never play them nearly as much as I've played some of the 2D Mario games...
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User Info: Luigi4President

3 weeks ago#5
Sonic by a mile, if those are the only games in question. I'll even do a ranking:

Mania > 3&K > CD > Mario World > Sonic 2 > Bros. 3 > Sonic 1 > Bros. 1 > Bros. 2

Anything else I don't think really applies. Mania is probably worth keeping off the list too because I didn't include the NSMB games, but they'd all be in-between Sonic 1 and Bros. 3
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User Info: BenjaMan64

3 weeks ago#6
Sonic 2D games are good, true... But Mario is king.

Mario and Sonic react to the poll's current results:

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User Info: lvalice

3 weeks ago#7
I prefer the successful one

User Info: __Fiale__

3 weeks ago#8
I picked Mario. Only because I really enjoy the 3D Sonic games.
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User Info: Bat178

3 weeks ago#9
2D Sonic > 2D Mario
3D Mario > 3D Sonic
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User Info: zelos71

3 weeks ago#10
There's only a single good 2D Sonic game, so obviously Mario.
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