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User Info: Flanders

2 weeks ago#1
Do you regret buying any of your consoles? - Results (351 votes)
I regret buying a PS4
15.67% (55 votes)
I regret buying a Switch
15.67% (55 votes)
I regret buying an X-Box
11.11% (39 votes)
No regerts!
57.55% (202 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally I love all my consoles, but my X1 probably gets the least use.
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User Info: Littlefoot

2 weeks ago#2
Nope, the only console i bought of those 3 is the Switch, and it’s given me a lot of fun times.

Although i do regret getting the DS Lite somewhat, thanks to the Nintendium not being with that.
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User Info: TheShining79

2 weeks ago#3
I regret buying an Atgames Genesis handheld. It broke in about 2 days and I returned it for a refund. Thing was so cheap.

Only console I've ever regretted purchasing.

User Info: ShiftBlood

2 weeks ago#4
I do
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User Info: Poporropo

2 weeks ago#5
I regret my ps4 after getting a decent gaming PC.
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User Info: Down_Time

2 weeks ago#6
Definitely not with PS4 or Switch in the poll. I don't own Xbox.

Regret is a strong word, but of all the videogame devices I've bought, NDS and 2DSXL would come to the closest. Handheld gaming has never really clicked with me, so I haven't gotten a whole lot of use out of them. NDS basically served as a Phantom Hourglass and Chrono Trigger medium, and 2DSXL for OoT 3D and Fire Emblem Awakening.
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User Info: JVillJags

2 weeks ago#7
I just sold my PS4. I don't regret buying it, I regret not selling it sooner. I havent played anything worthwhile on it for over a year.

User Info: MWXIII

2 weeks ago#8
I bought an Xbox one twice. The first I got her it was brand new and I was super excited. I was dead broke at the time and a week later my mom’s cat needed to go to the vet so I sold my Xbox for close to nothing to help pay the vet bill.

that was the last time I was ever broke.

second time I bought one was last year off a coworker because I wanted to play the master chief collection. It got announced for pc and thenI gave the Xbox away.

no exclusives and the few they release are on of so it’s worthless
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User Info: ZenithianHero

2 weeks ago#9
Not really. I did wish I bought a PSP 3000 instead of sticking with my 1000 model. I just remember being annoyed by the ghosting effect on the display. I still had a large library for it.
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User Info: kranix1

2 weeks ago#10

I would have missed out on maybe 7-10 games in total. If I knew I'd spend more time using my Wii U than my Switch throughout 2017-2020, I would have never bought a Switch.

But it's my bad. I know what to expect going in to Nintendo systems.
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