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User Info: J22InSpirit

4 weeks ago#31
NintendoGamer83 posted...
So, a game with reduced performance "cant run".

I wonder if we are allowed to use that rule on non Nintendo systems

Just the title alone had me cracking up. Funniest thing I read today so far.
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User Info: doutforharambe

4 weeks ago#32

User Info: akira595

4 weeks ago#33

Polygon basically says the exact same thing.
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User Info: laststarman237

4 weeks ago#34
HValle posted...
Iscratchmyballs posted...
one of the best games of all time.


User Info: Jikkle

4 weeks ago#35
Honestly the 30fps didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

The biggest hurdle for me is going from keyboard and mouse to twinsticks with motion controls and I'd venture to guess that's these reviewers are struggling with not necessarily the 30fps.

And I don't think anyone was really under the impression that Overwatch on Switch was going to be the ultimate way to play. You don't have to play the game competitively to have fun with it since there are other modes that aren't ultra competitive and you can play without being stressed about how you're doing.

The people that want to play it competitively are playing it on PC already and so far I'm enjoying the Switch version as a nice more casual and a bit different way to play.

User Info: Asbel__Lhant

4 weeks ago#36
Iscratchmyballs posted...
one of the best games of all time.
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User Info: StickMen1090

4 weeks ago#37
this article provides nothing new that has not already been said in the past. Possibly just a rushed article to jump on the blizzard hate train since they made some controversial decisions recently. But nothing that we didn't already know was said here.
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User Info: CrimsonGear80

4 weeks ago#38
It ran at a pretty smooth 30fps when I played last night.

I guess if you can’t handle that then the game runs “poorly”...
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User Info: bigjclassic

4 weeks ago#39
Kotaku just like IGN are trying to tell gamers to avoid high profile 3rd party ports.

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User Info: dj___roll

4 weeks ago#40
Hell_Thrasher posted...
Sorry, but it's physically impossible for a shooter to be "best" of anything, due to how braindead and dull they are.

sort of like your post about it
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