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  3. True or False? Astral Chain is the most ambitious Switch exclusive to date

User Info: TallWhiteNinja

1 month ago#21
Creative? Maybe. Ambitious? No.
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User Info: aegis99driver

4 weeks ago#22
AlphaDrogon posted...
BoTW is not a Switch exclusive unfortunately

Although BoTW2 is looking like it might usurp that title
I don't think the sequel will be as ambitious personally
I'd actually have to say XC2. A massive RPG with huge open areas, tonnes of side content, and it was all made in 3 Years by 40 people.

User Info: Tha_Man_DS

4 weeks ago#23
AlphaDrogon posted...
I mean, it would've been 100x better if Platinum games made it for the PS4 with even better graphics. But I guess it's just about time for Nintendo to get at least 1 good game every few years or so.

Nintendo releases more, higher rated & better selling exclusives than Sony. Undeniable facts. ;)
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User Info: SepulturaGamer

4 weeks ago#24
It's fun but nothing new under the sun and hardly ambitious in anything it does.
You can't really do crazy s*** until later in the game and it's outshined by other Platinum titles.
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User Info: TankgirlS

4 weeks ago#25
AlphaDrogon posted...
I honestly think so
No other Switch exclusive imho comes even close to Astral Chain's greatness.
The combat is one of the best in all of gaming history and obviously the best combat system on the Switch. It's also the best action game ever released on a Nintendo system.

If you voted false, which Switch exclusive is more ambitious to you?

Why does it need to be Switch exclusive? There are several more technologically ambitious titles on Switch. BotW, Witcher 3, heck even Bayonetta 2 is more ambitious.

The thing about Astral chain is that it is a linear action game, like DMC, Bayonetta, GoW, etc. And we know historically that these games look great because they give the "impression" of taking place in a vast world, but they really are just limited to a very small plsy area.

Having only a small area to work with, gives Platinum a lot of wiggle room to make the game look spiffy. But by no means is there anything insanely impressive going on under the hood.

I expect Bayonetta 3 will be the platinum title that really wows us on Switch. Though as far as exclusives, I'm quite excited for Deadly Premonition 2 and No More Heroes 3 more than Bayonetta...currently.
Questionmarktarius 4 weeks ago#26
More ambitious than cardboard piano or the hula-hoop?

User Info: nedmo0000

4 weeks ago#27
Hell no it’s undeniably Zelda Botw love or hate it Nintendo gambled with the game as a system seller and it succeeded the game was massive and took the franchise to an entirely new direction

User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 weeks ago#28
It tried to do a lot. But it sure stumbled a lot in the process.

User Info: JustWatch

4 weeks ago#29
AlphaDrogon posted...
elephvant posted...
I love Astral Chain. May be my favourite Switch game and I definitely personally prefer it to BotW, but is there really any doubt that BotW is more ambitious? Even if you don't think it fulfilled those ambitions - and, while I did greatly enjoy the game, I do find it highly flawed - it pushed the boat out further than any other game this gen. Astral Chain is a more natural feeling expansion on and alteration of the already established Platinum formula.

BoTW is not a Switch exclusive unfortunately

Although BoTW2 is looking like it might usurp that title

If we're not disputing that BOTW is more ambitious then the fact that it was initially made for a last-gen system just seems to throw even more shade on Astral Chain tbh
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User Info: darkness1018

4 weeks ago#30
For me Astral Chain did not live up to the hype. It was an ok enough game but was a one & done for me. Sold it soon as I was finished.
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