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  3. What years were your high school years? Describe using notable game releases.

User Info: Need2KnowLion

4 weeks ago#1
My high school years were from Smash 4’s launch in 2014 to Smash Ultimate’s reveal in 2018.

User Info: Thrasher7170

4 weeks ago#2
Yikes. We got a young'un.

Jokes aside, Fire Emblem Awakening's Japanese release to Bravely Second's Western release.
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User Info: doutforharambe

4 weeks ago#3
My high school years were from Donkey Kong Country (94) through Ocarina of Time (98).

User Info: spiritomolto

4 weeks ago#4
Skyward Sword (2011) to Splatoon (2015)
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User Info: DarkDemon373

4 weeks ago#5
Twilight Princess and the Wii

User Info: ColdNemesis

4 weeks ago#6
Super Mario world, ff2, lttp, ff3, Mortal kombat.
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User Info: Matelite

4 weeks ago#7
I was in high school from Final Fantasy X (2001) til WoW (2004).
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User Info: Judgment100

4 weeks ago#8
2008 to 2012, so...

2008, The World Ends With You is the most iconic of that year for me. Tales of Vesperia was far more important to my life as a whole, but I didn't play it until several years later.

2012, Katawa Shoujo was probably one of the games that shaped my worldview.
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User Info: GigaDogqHD

4 weeks ago#9
'89-'93 all genesis for me
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User Info: Aegix_Drakan

4 weeks ago#10
Smash Bros Melee, Phantasy Star Online and Golden Sun were the most notable ones for me

Melee because it became the most mainlined fighting game when I'd play games with friends (although Bloody Roar and CapcomVSSNK2 were up there as well)

PSO because it soon became one of the most fun things my friends and I did together and I looked forward to every time we'd run through the same old maps again, looking for new Special Weapons.

And Golden Sun, because the official announcement of the sequel was one of the things that pulled me out of a suicidal mental spiral (because relentless and extremely vicious bullying) and made me decide that suicide was something I could never consider again. Basically, I saw the announcement and was like "Dang, if I'd have died, I would have missed out on the conclusion to the story! ..That's it, new rule, never kill myself, I'll miss out on too many awesome things if I do!"

Sorry, that got dark.

Anyway, my attachment to PSO is why I'm so insanely hyped that PSO2 is getting an official NA release. My friends will ACTUALLY be joining me this time, since we won't have to rely on finnicky fan fixes in order to play the damn game. :P
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  3. What years were your high school years? Describe using notable game releases.
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