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  3. Despite what reviews say, I'm still excited for Daemon x Machina

User Info: DoNotTalktoMe

4 weeks ago#1
I've seen people who were disappointed with the game here, and that's fine. I'm not one who is usually a fan of Marvelous, but not only did I think the demo was fun, but the customization is great. I LOVE customizing in games that are decent to fun. It's not something that is necessary, but it helps sell to me, and I was disappointed with Astral Chain's even though it's Platinum's first game with customizable characters. Daimon X Machina's is much better in that category (though I wish we could customize body too, such as the height and mass, unless that's in body modification later).

The developers also seem very passionate about this game, even if they could have done some things better.

Just a random thought I wanted to express.

User Info: BenjaMan64

4 weeks ago#2
Not every game needs a >85 Metacritic to be amazing. Niche games like mech and Musou/Warriors games rarely get great grades, yet they're enjoyable enough for fans of the genre and seem to be successful enough regarding sales.

I too hope I enjoy it... And that the department store gets it soon. I pre-ordered online to get a discount, yet they're not always on time regarding online pre-orders.
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User Info: laststarman237

4 weeks ago#3
I feel the same way TC

User Info: ai123

4 weeks ago#4
Mech games don't review well.

Hardly matters when there is a demo to help you make up your mind.
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User Info: ms555

4 weeks ago#5
........ how dare you -_-

User Info: GrooseKirby

4 weeks ago#6
I kind of stopped caring about critical review scores after Bore of the Walking got a 97.
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User Info: briguy

4 weeks ago#7
I knew from the first demo that I wouldn't enjoy the game, personally. But if you liked what you played then never let a review score turn you away. You know what you like, and you have to realize that reviews are just opinions.
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User Info: metroidman18

4 weeks ago#8
Good. Its better to see games like this supported than the $60 Links awakening cashgrab
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User Info: Zweihanda

4 weeks ago#9
So am I. I didn't expect it to get raving reviews since it's a niche genre but I adore the Armored Core games so this'll be a good addition.
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User Info: Krambo42

4 weeks ago#10
The reviews are good, though. I haven't seen any that said that fans of the genre shouldn't check it out.
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  3. Despite what reviews say, I'm still excited for Daemon x Machina
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