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  3. The vast majority of GilvaSunner's uploads are blocked over Nintendo's copyright

User Info: DracoUltimus

1 week ago#1

I would've said "the entirety of Gilva's uploads were blocked" but I was unsure if he uploaded non-Nintendo music and I heard that some Kirby uploads are still up. BrawlBRSTMS was also fully-terminated.

What in the flying f*** are you doing Nintendo?! The best case scenario is that they're planning to release all of this music on a streaming service, but even if that happens, the way they've been going on a rampage for no specified reason is insanely s***ty. And before people say "It'S tHeIr LeGaL RiGhT," legally right =/= morally right, and where the f*** else am I supposed to go to listen to most of this music? It's not like they're selling the vast majority of it anywhere.
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User Info: bcornelia

1 week ago#2
you know these youtubers just source their music from other sources right
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User Info: sh1234

1 week ago#3
They did the same with Brawlbrxstms... it sucks but it is within their right sadly :/

I would 100% buy a Nintendo Spotify-style app...
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User Info: Trivio

1 week ago#4
Meh there are a lot of other Youtubers who have music anyway.
Also just download the songs...
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User Info: PS4Warrior

1 week ago#5
That sucks.
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User Info: DUBTuner

1 week ago#6
Didn't his name use to be "SilvaGunner"?

User Info: MrMegaPhoenix

1 week ago#7
so Nintendo put on a copyright claim on a channel that revolves around pirating Nintendo music for others to listen to for free?

seems like a non-issue tbqh
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User Info: Akarin

1 week ago#8
The end of an era.

User Info: CranberryPSO

1 week ago#9
Nintendo has not been very YouTube friendly at all. It's not just music. They go after gameplay recordings too. I no longer put Nintendo content on my channel after constantly getting hit with copyright claims every time I dared try to upload footage, even from 20 year old games.

None of my videos are monetized (Except a few that someone else claimed and monetized against my will).
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User Info: dextorboot

1 week ago#10
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  3. The vast majority of GilvaSunner's uploads are blocked over Nintendo's copyright