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  3. I keep being assigned to godawful Splatoon 2 teams and lose because of them

User Info: LadyVyxx

1 month ago#41
You cant complain about teammates if you play casual and not ranked

User Info: MrMegaPhoenix

1 month ago#42
kibs, you need to learn to resize your pictures.

also, its Nintendo online. who cares if you win or lose?
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User Info: CrimsonSmasher

1 month ago#43
RasterGraphic posted...
CrimsonSmasher posted...

You want actual competition? Play the competitive mode. It’s not the game’s fault you made yourself miserable.

Thanks, I will make sure to read that when I have time.

As for the competitive mode remark, if you mean Ranked - I've already stated about 3 or 4 times already that my biggest issue with the game still persists in that mode. It doesn't really fix the RNG aspect of the DC handling. If you mean League mode, well, that's not an experience I'm interested in for a handful of reasons. I just want to sit down and play a game and have it feel fair.

You're right, it's not entirely the games fault. I was trying to make the game something it's not. Trying convince myself it was a "me" thing and that I had any hope of becoming a sufficiently skilled player and said skill having an impact. My conclusion that it ultimately doesn't matter because someone will eventually disconnect - either robbing the satisfaction of winning or making the loss feel unjustified and unfair. The feeling of accomplishment from victory rarely occurred. Basically making the entire experience hopeless. The fun I got from the multiplayer was primarily from grinding my gear.

Get a rank up or two and the frequent DCs of Turf almost disappear. Get to S and X and they’ll be a rarity.

Your fault for trying to play party mode competitively.
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  3. I keep being assigned to godawful Splatoon 2 teams and lose because of them
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